Saturday, February 28, 2015

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We all have a story and we all have dreams. One of my dreams is to motivate and empower people through the written word. I've wrestled with talking about my journey as a psychic medium for many, many years but now, I am ready to share my story with the world. This is where you come in. I want to make this a collaborative effort so I want your input on everything that this book will entail. Are you in? I hope so! It doesn't matter how much or little you choose to give. All that matters is that you're helping someone make their dreams a vibrant reality.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Star Readings: Rupaul.

Everybody say love! Love, humanity and unity that's what Rupaul is all about. That's been his goal since he first burst onto the scene in 1992. With his mega hit You better work (supermodel) Rupaul's job is not just to entertain but to educated and celebrate life and to show us that this world is as crazy and colorful as we make it. One thing's for sure is that Rupaul and his movement will not be silenced or ignored.

What do I pick up for Rupaul?

Growth and expansion not only of his brands, more shoes, makeup and accessories but of himself. Rupaul has grown so much spiritually and sees life beyond the glitz and glamour. More time will be spent with his sisters, husband and real true blue friends. He's also taking more of an active role as a business man and look for him to work behind the camera as well as in front. There's something he wants to do when comes to women's empowerment. More hiking and taking better care of himself health wise. I pick up a lot supplements and green smoothies, he's not big into meditation as he thinks too much but active meditations work better for him. There are lot of contractual things coming for him in the next 3-4 months and some international travel is coming up as well. Choose wisely when it comes to the contracts and there is talks of him starting a school where people can learn about drag and gay history. He also has 2 more books to write but that's not for another 3-10 years. His focus now is to live in the moment always. There's a big connection to his mother and more now than ever she is coming around and guiding him. He sometimes hears her voice. She loves him more than he will ever know and is very proud of him.


Numerology Profile: Rupaul.

Rupaul Andre Charles born November 17th, 1960. Is a passionate scorpio with a purpose number of 9 and a birth of 8. Both your birth number and purpose give you a blow by blow of what you're here to do and how what you choose to do will affect you and those around you. Let's look at Ru's purpose number. Which is the fiery and passionate number 9.

To many, we see Rupaul as an entertainer who embodies quick wit and glamour but he is much, much more than that. Ru's purpose was and is to enlighten us while using the guise of entertainment to get the world to pay attention. People who have the number 9 as their purpose number are all about spiritual growth. Ru is no different. For him drag or entertainment for that matter is more than just an art. For him it is about liberating and letting go of what we think and getting in touch with who we are and allowing our spirits and hearts to speak for us instead of our ears and heads. That's why, he keeps building and growing his brand and wants to spread the message of love of self and love in general to masses. This is what he was meant to do, this is his calling. The number 9 is driven by the planet of mars which is all about ambition, drive and acting on your gut feelings. Which is what Ru has always done and will continue to do.

When it comes to his birth number. That's another story. Ru's birth number is the number 8. Which is ruled by the ever-changing planet of Saturn. That's why when Ru is out of drag he's often, calmer, more observant and spiritually grounded. Saturn is a planet of change both inner and outer. Many people who know him have said that he's a normal joe like the rest of us and that is true. Along with the fact that he can be at times painfully shy and there are times where he has his moments real reflection and introspection. People born with the number 8 as their birth number often come across militant in their thinking but in reality they see the world not only for what it is but what's to come of it in the future. Like all of us Ru has his dark days and moments. Because of his birth number Ru can come off as begin guarded and a standoffish but that's him feeling you out. Number 8 people are also prone to many, many dark nights of the soul. For them it's not a normal case of the blues. For them it's a metamorphosis of themselves. Once out his introspective state Ru's world becomes brighter, more fulfilling. With Rupaul everything has a beginning, middle and end. Even though Rupaul's legacy and life is anything but over.

Love, Leo Brown :)


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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Star Readings: Michelle Visage.

It takes two!  Radio Personality, Singer, Author and Television Personality. Michelle Visage has always been a trailblazer. From her days in the pop group seduction to her stint on the hit reality show celebrity big brother. She has never shied away from not only begin who she is but showing us who she is. Whether you love or hate her; With Michelle Visage you're in for a glamorous, divalious time. So you might as well enjoy the ride!

What Do I Pick Up For Michelle?

Touring, lots and lots of touring and press. Drag Race is coming to the UK. There's a lot of contract negotiating begin done at the moment. She misses her kids so very, very much. Especially her kids I pick up 2.  Look for Michelle to show more of her personality and write 2 more books. She's going to be doing some speaking on bullying and hate within the gay community. She and her husband deserve some much needed personal time together. Even though the space between them keeps their marriage very solid. She's taking on a more executive role as I see her working both in front and behind the camera very soon. She'll be releasing music too but not a full album just teasers here and there. She's going to increase her clothing line and there's going to be a makeup line as well. She's taking more stock into her health both mental and physical. Meditation and supplements (all natural) will do her very well as she 's prone to mood swings and her energy gets zapped easily. Take it easy, girl! She's also starting to lose much needed weight 10-20 pounds. Spiritually, she has grown so much in the past 3-4 years. Big brother was apart of that growing process. Look for her to be more raw and open with her emotions. She has been reborn in a lot of ways. There's also a huge connection to her grandmother and father. She thinks of them often or they pop in her head a great deal. Michelle Visage shows no signs of giving up or slowing down.


Numerology Profile: Michelle Visage.

 Earthy, sweet, feisty and nurturing. That is Michelle Visage in a nutshell. Born Michelle Lynn Shupack. September 20th, 1968. Michelle Visage was destined to be the ultimate mother. Why do you ask? Because it's all in the numbers. First, let's take a look at her purpose number. Which is the number 4. Like another earthy mother TS Madison. The number 4 belongs to the planet of Uranus. People who have this number as their purpose number usually look at everything from every angle. With Michelle you have a woman who will let you into her house but only if you come correct and you allow her into your life. She doesn't suffer fools and will sweetly but firmly tell you so. Number 4 people tend to be what many would term “old souls” as they're very wise and possess a spiritual nature that sometimes scares even them. Number 4 people believe in thinking before they act. Which is why when we see or hear Michelle says what she thinks but not before she's thought it through carefully. When comes to careers, number 4 people often make great teachers, lawyers and accountants. If you ever watch drag race keep in mind that for Michelle she isn't judging she's teaching. She's teaching them to look within and pull out that raw, pure talent that has always been there. That's why to some she comes off as harsh but to her it's not harsh it's real and practical. Michelle's  purpose is for everyone to see that everyone is a diva but only if they choose to be.

When it comes to her birth number. Which is the number of rebirth; the number 8. Michelle is always trying to find ways to push herself to do, know and be better. Number 8 people are big believers of change. Both inside and out. Michelle is definitely that way but she focuses a lot of that change on herself. The Michelle we see on the television screen and the Michelle when the cameras are off are the same. That's why during her stint on CBB (Celebrity Big Brother) she was so likable, loved or as some called her a mean girl. People who are born with the number 8 as their birth number tend to be very controlled when it comes to themselves even though at times they can be very aggressive and persistent when it comes to something they want or their dreams. Michelle believes that hard work and whatever doesn't kill you can either heal you or help you. She believes if you're not wanting it with all of your soul then don't go after it. Michelle Visage is a woman of strength, of courage and of inspiration. That is why she's everyone's mama and for her that suits her just fine.

Love, Leo Brown :)
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Star Readings: Shar Jackson.

Everyone's best friend. Whether you know her as everyone's best friend Niecy Jackson on the hit 90's sitcom Moesha or through the headlines with former boyfriend Kevin Federline.  Shar Jackson has always had a down to earth and warm presence whether it's on or off screen. Shar Jackson is here to stay!

What do I pick up for Shar?

International travel, music, music,music. I see her producing things both in front of and behind the camera. She is also Djing and slowly moving up the ranks and one of the hottest celeb DJ's. Shar is also  making sure that this time around she has a peaceful life period. The last 3-5 years have been lessons for her and have to taught her to keep certain things like her personal life to herself and to seek answers within. She needs to make more time for the simple things in life. Like sleep, she's always thinking and dreaming. I pick up that there may be something like an anime or comic in the works. She also has at least 2 books in her head as well. In the coming months we will be seeing her on a TV series a very well known one. She along with two of her youngest children are very intuitive and she now is getting in touch with her roots more. Especially her native roots. As I see things like meditation and journeying around her. She has come to terms with her weight and even though she always feels that there is room for improvement. She now loves the skin she is in.  I pick up her doing a lot of weight training and running to help keep everything together. She has a big connection to the spirit world and there's a very strong connection to her grandparents. She believes in honoring those that have come before her. Shar is on a journey of self discovery and renewal and from the looks of it, she's on the right track.


Numerology Profile: Shar Jackson.

Born Sharisse Jackson on August 31st 1976. Shar Jackson's purpose and birth number follow one another. Which explains a lot in terms of who she is and what she feels she is meant to do. Shar's purpose number is the fiery number 9. Which is ruled by the planet Mars. In Shar's case she believes in the saying “Go hard or go home.” She approaches everything with lots of energy and feels that if there  is no passion in your life you're not living. Shar is also very protective of those she loves and cares for . Very much a lioness protecting the pride. When shar is in a relationship she can be a bit territorial with her mates but that's simply because she sees something in them that they don't see. When it comes to her work, Shar works hard but at same time. She thinks about the long term effects of the work and how it can and will impact the world. Shar is very selective about the work she does and who she works with and for. Number 9 people believe in helping the world become a more balanced and peaceful place. Ms. Jackson is no exception.  She believes that if she can inspire even one person to go for their dreams then her job is complete.

When it comes to her birth number which is the ever changing number 8. Shar believes that timing is everything and that in order to live a peaceful life you must constantly want to grow and change. People who have the number 8 as there birth number do well in both business and law. Shar would make a great lawyer because she's very good at negotiating contacts and bringing a point home. Number eight people believe in justice for everyone. In shar's case social causes not only affect her but are important to her. Especially children and single moms. Number 8's are also known for begin a bit greedy when it comes to money. It's not that they're money hungry. It's just that number 8 people think about the future instead of the present. With shar, it's not about what you have it's about you coming to the table with something to offer and maintaining that while with her.  Shar Jackson is a woman who knows who she is and what she wants and frankly, we're glad that she knows who she is because seeing her journey helps us start our own.

Love, Leo Brown :)
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Star Readings: April Simpson.

St. Louis' Angel. Fox 2/ KPRL news anchor April Simpson is a woman on a mission of love, hope, information and inspiration. When she's not spilling the tea to millions of St. Louisians; everyday on the news. She herself is a walking testament that with the powers of love, family and faith. That anything is indeed possible.

What do I pick up for April Simpson? 

This year is a year of both inner and outer transformation for Ms. Simpson. She's now focusing on herself more and letting go of people and things that no longer serve her. I also see that she's making way for love and family to come into her life. I pick up a lot of writing and making 2 films as well.  There's a series of books in her that needs to get out and in the later part of the year she may start doing speaking engagements. She needs to stop worrying so much about those around her but she can't help it as people look to her strength. Healing, angels, prayer and mediation are big parts of her life. She sees her family as her angels in many ways. Especially her mother. She's very psychic herself but she needs to write down her dreams more often and concentrate on getting more restful sleep. There may be a possible relocation in the works as well but not for another 3 to 5 years.  Her health is very important to her not just physical but emotional health. Eat more dark greens and take the time out to laugh as much as possible. There are times that she doubts herself but, I am here to tell you that you're journey is not in vain. You are a powerful, special begin and you may dear angel have earned your wings. So keep flying as high as you can.


Numerology Profile: April Simpson.

April Simpson's purpose was to inform. Ms. Simpson's goal whether she is on or off the air is to tell the truth in an informing and positive way. Her purpose number is the number of health, wealth and rebirth the number 8. She feels that if the truth isn't told and the facts aren't there. Then her job is not done. People who have the number 8 as their purpose number believe that the truth shall indeed set you free. April is definitely one of those people. Number 8 people make the best lawyers, business people and judges. People who have the number 8  as their purpose number also tend to be workaholics and believe that hard work doesn't hurt anyone. The number 8 is associated with the planet Saturn. The planet saturn deals with health, transition and money. With Ms. Simpson everything has to balance out. That's because the planet saturn also works with the element of Earth; So in April's case things not only have to be truthful but stable in her life. Number 8 often have to deal with issues when it pertains to their health. As the this number deals with death; no, not death in the physical sense but death in both the external and internal sense. Out with the old and in with the new. April's case she has done that even though it has been very painful at times. She has a gained a better sense of who she is as a woman.

Now when it comes to her birth number. The number that fits her is the intuitive number 2.  Many psychics, empaths and people who are musically inclined often have this number as their birth number. When it comes to April; her having this number tells me that she goes with and listens to her gut. Maybe not as often as she should but when she does it pays off. Number 2 people are also inclined to live by water. So it's no secret that Ms. Simpson has lived in Louisiana, Arkansas and now St. Louis as they are all surrounded by bodies of water. The element of water grounds number 2 people and keeps them in touch with their inner selves. We all know on camera persona of April Simpson but off camera she's very soft spoken and actually kind of shy. She reports the news and drama; she doesn't want it or need it in her own life. The number 2 is associated with the moon and as we know, the moon is ever-changing. April is like this in a lot of ways. She can go from glamour queen to jeans and t-shirt in a matter of minutes. Number 2 people are also known for begin moody or indecisive when it comes to making important decisions. They also tend to fear making mistakes and going into the unknown.  Don't worry about going to into unknown April. Because no matter where life takes you, you're going to be just fine.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Star Readings: Taraji P. Henson.

Bold Soul Sista!  Actress Taraji P. Henson is everyone's sister-friend. Real and royal. Ms. Henson knows who she is and takes pride in what she does. With her bright and bubbling personality she makes sure you not only know her but you remember her. Trust me, Taraji we do.

What do I pick up for Taraji P. Henson?

Writing lots of writing. Plays, movie scripts. She'll be producing a few projects as well. She's got two in the works now. She loves her son with all of her heart. She sometimes worries about not spending enough time with him. She needs to sleep more and worry less. She lives in her head a lot. The role of cookie is personal to her as she knows women like her and she's paying  tribute to those women. She wants to work with kids and do more charity work. She loves children and they love her. Over the past two years she's become more spiritually and emotionally aware. Meditation would be good for her. There's are two people who have passed away that she thinks about constantly. There may be a baby boy 2 but right now it's in talks but nothing is solid. She also needs to focus more on cardio and less on weight training and yoga when it comes to her weight. She sometimes worries about getting too muscular. When it comes to her love life it's work first, love later. Not that she doesn't want it she does, but he has to have himself together. She's tired of doing all the work in her relationships. She's looking but not looking. She's going to meet someone in the summer (June) and it'll grow from friendship.


Numerology Profile: Taraji P. Henson.

Taraji Penda Henson: Born September 11th 1970.  A triple threat who kicks ass and takes names! From her breakout performance in Baby Boy to her riveting portrayal of Cookie on the hit fox series Empire. Ms. Henson is here to stay and ready to play. Let's take a deeper look at Ms. Henson and see what the numbers have to say! Let's first take a look at Taraji's purpose number. As we know your purpose number tells you what you were meant to do. In Taraji's case; her purpose number is 3.

The number 3 is associated with many people in the entertainment industry. Taraji is in good company as she shares the same purpose number as Tamar Braxton, Bill Cosby and Diana Ross. People who have the number 3 as their purpose number make the best entertainers. The reason for this is because people who have the  number 3 as their have a need for self-expression. That's why whenever we watch Taraji on the screen we can tell that the role that she is playing isn't just acting for her. For her, this is an outlet for her emotions.

Number 3 people are also known for always speaking their mind and Ms. Henson is known for not biting her tongue. We all know about the heated exchange between her and hip-hop artist 50 cent. She spared him no expense and after she expressed herself. She moved on. Number 3 people are blessed with talent and are very versatile. Many would be shocked to know that Taraji is also a singer. Now on the flip, Ms. Henson does have her bad side. Number 3 people can at times be careless when it comes to not having a verbal filter. However, even when they do tend to stick their foot in their mouths, people who carry the number 3 as their purpose number usually don't mean any harm;it's just that they want to get their point across clearly. It's also because many number 3's tend to be perfectionist and will not stop until everything is done right.  When it comes to her birth number. Which is the number 1. Taraji gives us something that some celebrities miss: Relatability. To many she's like the girl that's apart of our family or the woman we'd be best friends with. Number 1's tend to have a very bright and energetic personality.

They're also everyone's big sister or brother. Number 1's tend to be a bit bossy but they mean well. Taraji is the kind of person that if you wrong her or someone close to her. She'll not only let you know but she'll never forget it either. Number 1's love their family and friends with an intense passion and believes in begin a loyal friend. When it comes to her craft Taraji takes it very seriously. She feels that if there is no passion in her work it's not worth doing. She also looks at her acting like a business. Not in the sense of facts in figures but in the sense that she's here to do a job and she's going to do a damn good job. Make no mistake that Ms. Taraji P. Henson has officially arrived bigger, stronger and badder than ever!

Love, Leo Brown :)

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Star Readings: Romany Malco.

The every man's actor. For those of us that fondly remember anything that was the 90's. Then you know that actor Romany Malco has always been out of the box and unconventional. From his days in the hip-hop group college boyz to his breakout roles in the 40 year-old virgin and the think like a man movies. Romany Malco's star will always shine.

What lies ahead for Romany Malco?

I pick up that there will be lots more traveling for Romany within the next six months. I also see him doing a lot of writing and maybe some directing. An independent film. Community outreach work will be coming along in the next three months. He especially wants to give back more to his home town and to the lives of young black men or men of color in general. Meditation, green smoothies and hot yoga are important parts of his life. He should lay off the herbs though. Drink more fresh juice and water as well. He wants more children but he's a perfectionist. As he has 2 kids already.  He wants the timing to be right. I pick up three more films in the works along with some television work and an online series. I also pick up him becoming more aware of his ancestry and becoming more spiritually aware as well. His psychic senses are opening up a lot and there's a big connection to him and his grandmother. His production company is about to  hit a milestone. I pick up a lot of movies and television begin brought to us by his company. In the next three years. Things are in talks now. I see a lot of contacts around him. He wants to make sure that he makes the right decisions. Don't worry Romany, you will.

What does the numbers tell us about the every man's actor? 

Numerology Profile: Romany Malco.

Romany Romanic Malco Jr. pronounced (Ra-money)  Born November 18th 1968. Believes that things don't happen to you;you make them happen. The reason that Romany holds this belief is for many reasons but for now let's look at one of them. Mainly his birth number. Romany's birth number is the ever-changing number 8. Number 8 people are those that believe that everything works out and happens for a reason. They're big believers of Karma and Justice for all things and people. Number 8 people are also very politically aware and Mr. Malco is leading the pack. Romany is a very straight forward tell it as he sees it kind of man. When you're in his company be prepared to think and to walk away learning something new.  Number 8 people are known for begin very militant in their thinking and make sure their opinions get across.  Romany is a very laid back and easy going man but as with everyone there is a dark side. To some. Romany can at times be a total control freak and he is; especially when it comes to himself. He is his biggest competition and critic only because he sees the big picture before everyone else does. Number 8 people also have issues with authority. Romany does but only when there is a great injustice behind it. Romany's birth number is associated with the planet Saturn which is a planet of life, death and rebirth. Romany Malco is a man who is forever changing both inside and out.

Writing, acting and singing are apart of Romany's destiny it's what he was meant to do. Romany has the purpose number of 2. He shares the same purpose number as Diana Ross, Ray Nagin and comic Deon Cole. People with the purpose number of 2 are for begin very psychic and love anything to do with the ocean. In Romany's case; he's the type of person where he can look at you and tell if you're full of it or not. He's very real and very intuitive. Number 2 people are also musically inclined. So it's no mistake that Romany can sing and dance. If you remember Too Legit:The Mc Hammer Story then you know I'm not lying. Either you look at it Romany Malco isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Love, Leo Brown :)
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