Monday, September 29, 2014

Star Readings: Emma Watson.

Born April 15th,1990. Warm, funny and thoughtful. Ms.Watson is just getting started when comes down to her path that not only includes her very, very capable acting. (She's grown so much as a person and woman since the "potter years" ) Emma's birth number is the number 2. People born under the number two tend to lead with their heart. Which is why when she gave that emotional speech to the united nations her voice shook a bit. Because it was from the heart. I see Ms.Watson becoming a force of nature behind the scenes producing, writing, directing. Emma's name number (yes, there is a difference between your name and birth number.) falls under the number 6. She is very approachable and social but at the same time not afraid to speak her mind. I pick up her slowly easing her way into activism. Especially when it comes to young women and human rights. I also see her if she hasn't already starting a foundation for kids. Begin that she is born with the number two family and her friends mean everything to her. She loves her fans too but it's the people that have been there since the start that mean the most to her. When it comes to love she is very private about it because she loves with all of her heart. Word to you Emma, listen to your intuition it's never wrong. The next three to five years are going to be periods of great growth.

Love, Leo Brown :)
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Decoding the Myth:Oujia Boards

Oujia boards also known as talking boards or spirit boards have been used as a method of communicating with the spirit world dating back as early as 600 B.C.E. in both china and greece. A talking board consists of a flat board with the letters of alphabet, numbers, the words "yes"/"no" and sometimes the words "hello" and"goodbye"written on it. Along with a planchette. Contrary to popular belief. There is nothing bad or evil about using the board itself. For it is a tool of divination just like cards, numerology or automatic writing. However, just like any form of divining it is NOT a game! I repeat, it is not a game. Regardless what parker brothers may tell you. It is to be taken seriously and treated with respect. Like all things. You have to remember you are communicating with the spirit world and yes, some spirits will try you. Another thing to make note of is the saying "Like attracts like." if you and your friends are mean people. Then don't be surprised when things start to go "bump in the night." However, if you and your friends are aware that spirit communication is a serious but fun thing and not a game. Then you should be fine. If you choose to work with a talking board. Here are a few important things to remember. Make sure the people as well as yourself are of an open like mind and heart. Ground your energies (sing or chant a song that promotes good vibes) or you can visualize white light around you and the area you choose to work in. Make the area pleasant and lighthearted. Light candles, sage your area. Think of it as if you're inviting friends over so as my grandma would say "straighten up for company." Be respectful of the spirits and to them, don't go into this with fear and NEVER consultant the board alone or in your own home. Remember, the spirits have messages that can both help and can heal. If you allow them to.

Love, Leo Brown :)
P.S. If things get nutty while working with the board, don't call me. :)

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Love, Leo Brown 
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When all else fails...Dance!:Motivational Monday.

When all else!:motivational monday. Leo is back with a new motivational monday video! Remember, YOU matter. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Leo Brown's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video.

Happy Monday Cubbers! Here is my als ice bucket challenge video. Don't forget to donate to! If you want to know what als is and why people are dumping ice buckets on their heads. Watch this video: Give whatever you can (ten dollars or more) together we can stop this horrible disease.

Love, Leo Brown :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tarot Card Tuesday: Nine of Cups.

The Nine of Cups.
 This card has to do with everything emotional. The number is associated with fiery planet of mars. So in this case this card tells us that it's okay to go with what we feel. When it comes to love and relationships you may yourself or your partner either at odds emotionally or in total harmony.

The term "In your feelings certainly applies with this card. Issues regarding trust may be at forefront today. Watch out for emotional ups and downs and most of all listen to your heart.

When it comes to career, money and business. This card speaks of growth and finally finding the job you love or in some cases feeling drawn to wanting to make this planet a better place.

Volunteering your time and giving heartfelt advice may come in handy today. This card is also know as the wish card.

For it tells us that we've made the right choices and that spirit is at work making our dreams come true. On the other hand it also warns to be careful what we wish for because we just might get it.

Love, Leo Brown :)