Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Star Readings: Damon Williams.

Humor with purpose. Chicago's own comedian Damon Williams was born to not only make the public laugh but also make the public think. It doesn't matter if he's on the stage or behind the mic. Damon makes sure that his point comes across. With topics ranging from today's current events, relationships or the many adventures of raising kids. Make no mistake. Damon Williams shows no signs of giving up, giving in or slowing down.

What do I pick up for Damon?

Touring and something involving either a cruise ship or ocean travel. There's a lot of writing going on books, plays and scripts. He also is going to start doing some work on the small screen behind the scenes when it comes to television.(Writing, producing) He has at least 3 books in him and I also see him in a studio recording something to do with spoken word. There's definitely some international travel in the works and I also pick up contracts and business deals in the works before the summer gets here. Hey Damon, try not to wear yourself too thin huh? There's also a lot of volunteer work around him and him wanting to give back to his city. He also wants to change the many misconceptions about Chicago and show the different sides of the city. He loves chicago with his total heart.

When it comes to work he's got a lot on his plate but it suits him just fine. Just know when to slow it down. There is a wedding either begin planned on worked on but it won't be huge. It will be very down home but very classy at the same time. When it comes to his home and family they love and admire him more than he knows because he knows how to balance things out. He's often the one that family and friends either come to for advice or look to give them nothing but the honest truth.

When it comes to health, fitness and spiritually Damon's not a health nut per 'se but he does believe in begin the best that he can be. I pick a lot of either weightlifting or jogging on a treadmill. Drink more water Damon and try not to stress so much. Even though he's a very laid back and funny man, Damon's very observant and forgets nothing if he can help it. When it comes to spiritually Damon is very spiritual but not one to rub it in your face. He believes in god with a passion and he either comes from preachers or people who do that work influence him a great deal. He knows that there is something not only bigger but greater than he and he is very thankful than we could ever know. The laughter that he hears from his audience reminds him that he is on the right track and that everything is just as it should be.


Numerology Profile: Damon Williams

Here's another numerology profile that was kind of difficult for me because I couldn't find Damon's year of birth. I do know that he and fellow comic Deon Cole whom I've profiled share the same birth date. You can read Deon's profile here. However, here's what I do know about Damon for sure. You see, Damon has a purpose number of 1. Number 1's are the natural hams of the numerologial world. They also are proud born leaders and have bright and bold personas. So it's no secret that Damon is in comedy. It's not just a career for him, it's a calling. There's a difference between the comic Damon and the offstage Damon. But not by too much.

We all know that Damon is funny but offstage. Damon is just real and doesn't tolerate bullshit gladly. He'll tell you off but in a funny and well meaning way. However, if you become apart of Damon's circle of friends you're very lucky because you've met someone who is a true friend and loyal to a fault. The one thing that you don't want to do is get on Damon's bad side. You see, Damon's a capricorn. Caps are known for their nice and kind nature but once you've pissed them off. Head for the hills while you can! Caps are also known for begin perfectionist and expect nothing less. This is also common with number 1 people as well.

Damon believes that everything has it's place and even at home you can hang but make sure you keep your area of the home clean and neat. That's why if you ever see Damon on stage he is always impeccably dressed and ready to give his audience 100%. Damon is forever grateful and knows that his life could've gone down many different paths. Damon, I think that I can say for all of us that we're grateful for you for making us laugh and for you begin who you are. Never stop.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Star Readings: Loni Love.

Humor from the heart. Comedian/Talk Show host Loni Love has always allowed her heart to rule. It doesn't matter if she's telling jokes on the hit talk show The real or if she's on stage making us forget our troubles with laughter. No matter what she does, it's done with humor and heart.

What do I pick up for Loni?

Building of a brand. The past 2-5 years have been great professionally but kinda rocky on the personal level. Which is why now Loni is taking more chances and more risks than ever. The new man she has in her life is good for not only to her but for her. He gives her space and allows her to be herself. Off stage Loni is very internal and very emphatic to people and the world. She's going to do a lot of work with children and women in the next 2-6 months. There's a lot of charity work coming her way. 2-3 more books are on the way and there's more stand up dates coming as well. Like a small mini tour. She's also doing some writing when it comes to television and even a little producing. Loni is healing many wounds from childhood and her tween years. The ages 5-13 come to mind and she's letting go of some baggage when it comes to her family. Mainly her parents. Loni is learning to do the one thing that it takes some of us years to do love herself fully and unconditionally. She's also getting better with her health. She'll never be a thin rail but she loves her body now more than ever. Don't worry, Loni just keep spreading the love and you'll be just fine.


Numerology Profile: Loni Love.
Ever-changing, free spirited and opinionated. Loni Love never stays in one place for long. She's the type of woman who has to move around and once she's made her mark, she moves onto the next big thing. It's her destiny to desire freedom. Loni has a purpose number of 5. Number 5 people crave change.

So it's not a surprise that Loni took a risk (number 5 people are known for begin big risk takers) and left her career as an engineer to become something that was always inside of her a comedienne. Number 5 people are also very, very opinionated and say not only what's on their minds but also what they see. Loni is no exception. Number 5 people like Loni see everything as an either a challenge or an adventure.

On the flip side despite her quick wit and sharp comebacks Loni is actually a big thinker and never turns off her mind. Which for her can trigger things like anxious and nervousness. This is common with number 5 people. They truly believe in living life to the absolute fullest.

When it comes to her birth number. Loni has the birth number of 1. Number 1's are known for their bold personalities and relate-able nature. That's why for those of us who watch her on The real. We see her as our big sister. Number 1's also make the best actor's and actresses.

Loni is the type of woman either you love her or you hate her. She is who she is and nothing will change that. To some they may see that as begin stubborn or controlling; not really, it just means that Loni isn't looking for someone that she has to build up. She want's someone who already knows who they are.

When it comes to things like family and personal life she gives them both her all but, you have to worthy of her and her trust. Once you've gained it, you have a friend for life.
Comedy for Loni is not just telling jokes but delivering a message of empowerment for all people but especially women. If one person gets her message along with the humor then her she believes her job is complete.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where's the diversity? I mean, love. A lack of well known psychics of color.

What I am about to talk about is a subject that has been on my mind for a long time. Now I may offend some but oh,well. In my mind if you offend someone it usually means three things are happening, You're doing something wrong, right or you're telling the truth. What I am about to write is truth not just my truth but the truth of many of my friends and fellow colleagues.

What I'm going to talk about is the lack of diversity when it comes to well known psychics and the lack of people of color in the mainstream, If you look at the history of well known or "celebrity" psychics they usually have two things in common. No, make that four things.

  1. They're women and not that I have anything against women. I absolutely love and honor women and all that they are.  
  2. They're old. Now, before I go further let me say that becoming older is something that should be celebrated and not looked down on. For it's something that is denied to many. 
  3. They always and I mean always hail from these states New York, Boston, Mass, New Jersey, California or Georgia. 
  4. and yes, I'm going to say it. It doesn't matter if they're male or female they're always WHITE.
Now, before you go to name calling and slamming me. Let me hit you with some facts. There have only been four male psychics that have done very well for themselves and have a great following. They are John Edward, Chip Coffey, Thomas John and  James Van Praagh. That's right, only four men. 

I'm not saying that you have to have a television show or be everywhere to be successful. Of course not. I'm simply pointing out the lack of diversity when it comes to well known psychics, men and people of color. WTF tvland!? Could you not find a psychic who isn't from the east, west coast or southern states?  Of course you can.

Speaking of men. Where's the rest of them? Every psychic sans the four I mentioned that are well know are all women. Now, I get that women have mass appeal but really!? Not every psychic is a bouncing, bubbling blonde. Not that I have anything against blondes cause I don't. I'm just saying mix it up a bit. 

Now I know that some of you are asking, what about Miss Cleo? For you I have four words Bitch, please. Bye felicia. I have nothing against my girl from another world Cleo. In fact, I would love to meet her and we would have hot tea and crumpets as we dished the dirt about life. Trust it, 

What I have a major problem with is that whenever you have a person of color who happens to be a psychic on the scene they always hail from some "mystical land" that we as viewers can barely pronounce, have a thick and very put on accent and dress as if they just came from the united nations gift shop. Also we can't forget about the voodoo, hoodoo, witch doctor or priestess angle. Mustn't forget about that. 

As a witch I find it offensive to use sacred spirituality in a mocking way. If you're open about that part of you fine. However, if that's a gimmick for you; then we need to have a sit down and talk some shit out. Newsflash media, not all psychics of color hail from far away and barely speak english. 

We're right here. In your face. We're not jokes and we love what we do and who we are. Know that! Another lack that I have noticed is that there is a lack of psychics who are also from the GLBTQ community that are of color. Why is that I wonder? I think I can shed some light on this question. 

It is because for many of people of color begin a part of the GLBTQ community is still taboo and then adding begin a psychic on top of that packs a double whammy. So for many, we remain in the closet or open to those that can keep us a secret. 

To me that's bullshit. I'm not saying you should go around with a flag parading your sexuality; no you shouldn't what I am saying is be honest. When it comes to television Empire is great but sadly, not enough. I want to see people like Myself, Jerome Braggs or Savonn Champlle on television. Not just in the background as extras. 

If Theresa Caputo, John Edward, James Van Praagh, Kim Russo, Sunny Dawn Johnston and Thomas John can become household names then so can many, many others and they can look like the world we live in diverse and full of colors. If it takes someone like myself or another like me to shatter this glass house then so be it! It will not only be shattered but it will open doors for others everywhere.

Love, Leo Brown :) 






Tuesday, March 24, 2015

But the other psychic said...When predictions don't happen.

Picture it. You've got a crisis in your love life, career or spiritually you feel stuck. You've called your friends, you've talked with your parents and you've meditated until your third eye has popped out. What do you do?

Call or go see a psychic! You make your appointment or you call the many hotlines that are seen on late night television. You get your reading and you're told that everything that you've been dealing with is going to work out for the best. You either leave the psychic's business or hang up the phone feeling elated and going on about your week, month, day or year.

However, what  happens when the predictions that the psychic of your choice sees, feels or hears for you doesn't come to pass? Is there a reason why the tides have turned? Let's take a look and try to answer this burning question.

Psychic Hopping 1. If you don't like what a psychic says what do you do? You call another one or as I call it "psychic hop" there's nothing wrong with seeking a second opinion but if you're going from psychic to psychic like Goldilocks to get the answer that's just right then you might have a problem. By you going from psychic to psychic you're messing with the universe and therefore, that messes with your prediction.

Self Sabotage 2. You know that old saying "Thoughts are things?" well, the same saying applies to psychic readings. If you don't believe that you're worth having love, a great career or spiritual growth then it won't happen. In other words you have to believe in yourself and believe that the things that your reader sees are happening for you right now.

Timing 3. That's right. Everything and I mean everything is a matter of timing. I know, I know we live in such a fast paced world. Which makes us want everything not today, tomorrow but now! When you get a psychic reading or any kind of reading for that matter the number one thing you need to  have is patience. Trust in the universe, it knows what it's doing.

All that glitters isn't gold 4. What looks or sounds good for you isn't always for you. That new man, that lump of money. What I mean is think about it. How would you spend that wad of money? Would you save it? What about the new man or woman? How would you treat them? How would they treat you? Think long and hard before your psychic tells that everything is going to be a bed of roses. What I mean is be prepared and work on you so that you're ready for those great things.

So the next time you call or see a psychic, do yourself and them a favor look at your life from the inside out and don't shoot the messenger.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Star Readings:Gary Owen.

Humor with soul! Comedian Gary Owen has always been funny. From his days on BET's comicview to his scene stealing moments in Think like a man. By the looks of things, Gary Owen is here to stay and right where he belongs. Not only is Gary funny but unlike most comics who just make us laugh unbeknownst to him; he also makes his audience laugh at themselves. Highlighting topics such as Race, faith and relationships.  Because if you can't laugh at yourself then you don't know the true meaning of humor.

What do I pick up for Gary?

More movie roles. More touring and there's at least 2-3 more television specials as well.  There's also going to be some major writing going on with him. Some books much in the vain of Steve Harvey but funnier and there's 3 to 4 television deals in the works. He's at place now where he is grateful for where he is more than ever but at the same time the gratitude has made him even hungrier. He's going to work more with youth and kids. There's something going on with him and sports mainly basketball and how he wants to help kids through that medium. He thinks about his grandfather daily and sometimes he gets visits from him in dreams. His grandfather is extremely proud of him and whenever he needs a pick me up or some courage his grandfather along with many people who have shaped him pop into his head. He needs to watch his mental stress levels and take time to slow down on travel. His body clock is all over the place. Kenya his wife loves him more than he will ever know. They're both very lucky and came into each others lives at the right time. She worries about him and is very caring to him especially when he gets down. Which he tends to do sometimes especially when he is alone. He goes within a lot and the past comes up. Don't worry Gary, you've made the right choices and you're where you need to be.


Numerology Profile: Gary Owen

I have to say that doing Gary's profile was kinda difficult because I couldn't track down a birth year but based on his name and part of his birth date. I was able to find out a lot about him and it was very surprising and even made me giggle a bit. For starters, Gary's purpose number is a number that for me I found kind of odd but at the same time it made perfect sense given what he does. Your purpose number tells you what you're meant to do in life. Gary's purpose number is the number of passion. The number 9. This number is ruled by the planet Mars. People who have this number as their purpose number are often very emotional, impulsive but also have a lot of compassion for their fellow man. That's why whenever Gary hits the stage, he kills it but at same time; he allows us and himself to relate to one another while laughing and having a good time. For Gary, comedy is a way of giving back and helping people to forget their problems. Also many people who have this number as their purpose number may find themselves serving in the military or having a very uniformed life. Gary is no exception. As he served in the military during his youth.   When it comes to his family and personal life they're not only his heart but his passion. Number 9's tend to be very protective of their family but that's because number 9's go with their guts and nothing else. 

Now, when it comes to his birth number which is the number that tells you about your persona. From what I can gather Gary has the number 6. People who have the number 6 are often warm, charming and very, very good looking. Number six people are also very old fashioned when it comes to love and relationships. That is why his wife means so much to him. Also she sees him for who he really is and he's like when he's off stage. Gary's a very reflective person and he questions everything but that's because deep down he knows that there is more to life than what we think or see. Gary Owen is much deeper than we realize comedy is just the tip of the iceberg.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Star Readings: Brendon Ayanbadejo.

His rights, your rights, our rights. Former NFL player turned marriage equality activist Brendon Ayanbadejo has always been a fighter. It didn't matter if it was on the field or in front of the cameras giving a speech of truth and empowerment. For Brendon it's not just something he does to impress people with him, you're seeing who he is and what he believes in. What he believes in is equality for all people.

What do I pick up for Brendon?

More training and speaking engagements. There's some television in talks but for him it has to be right. Nothing that is stupid. For him message and image is everything. More fitness gyms opening up for him. At least 2-4 and there's talks of him doing a workout bootcamp and DVD series much like insanity. He loves kids and I see him wanting to do more to help children. When it comes to himself this man is very, very grateful for the life that he has lead and doesn't regret a thing. He still loves football but deep down inside he believes in timing. So everything came to him in time. He and his wife are a very strong and firm couple. They're truly best friends. He's so proud of his children especially his youngest because they've survived a lot and they've helped him to grow and he is the reason that he does what he does. He needs to change his diet (cut back on the protein) and take care of that left knee. Spiritually, he's grown a lot and knows there's more than what we see out there. He's a big believer in angels and there's someone on the other side that he thinks of quite often. It's in relation to his wife. The spirit is a male and very either fatherly or grandfatherly. Don't worry, he's watching and very proud of both of you.


Numerological Profile: Brendon Ayanbadejo.

Born Oladele Brendon Ayanbadejo September 6th, 1976. The fact that Brendon Ayanbadejo is an activist for equality is no mistake.  Brendon fights for the rights of everyone he meets. How do I know this? Because the numbers tell us all about it! You see, his purpose number is the number 6. People who have this number as their purpose believe in love and equality. So it's natural for him to become the ally that he has become when it comes to gay rights and civil rights.

Number 6 people are also know for begin extremely charismatic and very flirtatious. On the other side number 6 people are also very wise and introspective. That's why whenever you see Brendon on the news or giving a speech he delivers his points with class and truth. Number 6 people believe in the highest ideals. However, like everything there is a dark side. Begin that Brendon is a number 6 he sometimes can become a bit meddling to those he loves. He means well but it can be a bit much at times. He also can be very hard on himself if things are not perfect. At times, he's had his depressive moments which is why fitness and motivation has become such a focal point in his life.

When it comes to his birth number. Which is the number 2. Beneath the great body and out there personality. Brendon is actually shy and very intuitive. Brendon believes that everything should be in balance. When it comes to his children and family they are his life but in reality, he wants everyone to be happy. Many number 2 people make great politicians, speakers and have to live near a body of water.  They also make great dancers in Brendon's case you can bet that he knows how to move and has also toyed with the idea of running for public office.  One of the reasons Brendon is so passionate about life is because there are times that he is fearful for the future. He wants a world where we no longer see gender, color or orientation but we instead we see hearts, minds and souls.  A world that is safe and open for everyone.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Help me write a best-seller!

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We all have a story and we all have dreams. One of my dreams is to motivate and empower people through the written word. I've wrestled with talking about my journey as a psychic medium for many, many years but now, I am ready to share my story with the world. This is where you come in. I want to make this a collaborative effort so I want your input on everything that this book will entail. Are you in? I hope so! It doesn't matter how much or little you choose to give. All that matters is that you're helping someone make their dreams a vibrant reality.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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