Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Star Readings: Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker.

 These two were meant to be together. With Kandi having the fiery number nine as her birth number and Todd having the birth number two as his. They balance each other out. Kandi is a Taurus so in personality (May 17th, 1976) she is someone that everyone tends to relate to. Now Todd is a Leo. (August 1st,1973) so when you have the two elements of fire and earth together. It can pack an at times fun,creative,volatile but in all stable punch. Seeing as how both of them are very set in their ways and won't back down from what they believe in. Kandi tends to be counselor to her friends and family and even though there are times that she lets her temper get the best of her (The number 9 is associated with the planet of mars) You best believe that every move she makes is a very highly thought out one. (people born with the number 9 as their birth number tend to be deep thinkers) Begin a highly skilled writer is nothing for Kandi number 9 people also make great writers. Now when it comes to Todd. Todd was born with the birth number 2. People born with the birth number of 2 tend to see both sides of everything while at the same time they remain loyal to those that love and care about. Also number 2 people make great musicians or entertainers so it's only natural that he and Kandi work well creatively. She sees the finished product and he gives her insight into things that she may not think of. With Todd begin a Leo, he has a lot of personality but it's not in your face. It's more of let me feel you out and then if you're cool, we can talk. So it makes sense that he is more of a behind the scenes kinda guy. Interestingly enough, both Todd and Kandi have the same name number. Which is the number 4. They're both old souls and try their best to think out of the box. They not only believe in love and marriage but loyalty. I pick up them writing a book about their love affair and how they keep it so stable. As for kids, they both love begin parents but I pick up more than one birth. Possibly two more kids for them. They're going to be together for a long time. (Especially, if they both learn to agree to disagree and leave it at that.) No matter what happens, they'll be just fine.

Love, Leo Brown :)
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

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Love, Leo Brown :)
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Star Readings: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

Born July. 4th 1982. Mr. Sorrentino was born to be a character with a heart of gold and a very, very sharp mind. Even though his persona doesn't show his almost at times business like demeanor. With the number five as his name number. Michael believes in begin his true and original self. With him what you see is what you get. He also at times can be a bit self-indulgent which at times has gotten him into a lot of trouble. Hence, his tax issues. People who may have the number five as their name number tend to desire freedom and expansion. They believe in taking risks and that it's important to stand up for what you believe in and be who you are. Mr. Sorrentino is no exception. Anything that allows him to go against the status quo while at the same time he can be himself suits him best. Now, on the flip side of the coin many people who have the number five as their name number tend to have issues with commitment, they can feel restless at times and often be very fickle. When something doesn't go their way. The number five is associated with the planet mercury. Mike's birth number is the number four. As I've said before the number four is associated with people who feel as if they are old souls. Like this isn't their first time on the rodeo. When it comes to Micheal he has his moments when he does feel out of place. (mild depression) and he tries to keep himself grounded by begin around real people (family and true friends) The reason fitness is important to his is because it's almost like therapy for him. It keeps him grounded and stops the chatter in his head. What I pick up for him is him going more into the world of business. Chains, more juices and shakes. Think as if gold's gym had a new jersey makeover. As for his tax issues, he may go to jail but I pick up a bargain begin presented and possibly made. As I see contracts around him. Only time will tell.

Love, Leo Brown :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tarot Tuesday: The Two of Cups.

The two of cups is the first of the numbered cards. The number cards are numbers 2-10. The number two is associated with the moon, balance of emotions and unity. When the two of cups appears in a spread it is an indication that your life is now come into balance. (If it is upright.) or that that's time for you to do the work that is needed to become more balanced. (If it is in reverse.)

This card usually lets us know that love is either in our lives or that it is time for us to love ourselves. No matter how scary our other selves may be. Remember, you're dealing with the element of water.

Yes, it is a healer but it also can be very forceful. The two of cups makes you question on a deep level if you truly love yourself. If you're ready for love to embrace your life or if you're stable enough to handle when moods grow sour.

When it comes to money and health. This cards talks about love but in the sense of begin grateful for who you are and what you have. Do you really love your job? Does it fulfill you on a deep level? These are the types of questions that this card forces you to ask yourself.

When the two of cups comes up in a health reading. You're dealing with it from a more emotional place instead of a physical one. This card will make you think about how you feel, more than how you look. Depression, self love and self confidence are things that are associated with this card.

Remember, the main theme of this card is love from both an emotional and internal place. So in the words of Rupaul, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell can you love somebody else?  Can I get an amen in here?"

Love, Leo Brown :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Star Readings:Jasmine Guy.

Born March 10th,1962. Is a singer, dancer,actress,writer and producer. Ms Guy has a name number of three, the sun sign of pisces and the birth number of four. Ms Guy was destined to be a diva and to stand out. Which is why after twenty five plus years, she is not only remembered but loved by so many. We all remember her as the southern belle with heart Whitley Gilbert on the series a different world. Ms.Guy is so much more than what we know of her onscreen. Jasmine has the name number of three. The number three is associated with the planet Jupiter. The number three is the number of self expression, versatility and talent. No wonder Jasmine is what people in the entertainment world call, a triple threat. From her name number alone. She was meant to entertain us. It is a birthright as she had no choice! With Ms.Guy bearing the number three as her name number her personality is charming but very witty. When you're around her be prepared to have fun but also to think. She is also very ambitious when it comes to something or someone that she wants. She rules with her mind, with her heart tying in at a close second. People who have the number three as their name number make great writers, speakers and entertainers. (Ms.Guy is a writer and speaker.) When it comes to her birth number. Jasmine is born under the number four. People with the number four as their birth number are known as "the old souls" of numerology because they're usually ahead of their time. Ms.Guy is a very down to earth but practical woman. The older she gets, the more grounded in herself she becomes. People with the number four as their birth number sometimes have health issues with their mental or nervous system (Remember, that pesky lupus rumor.) Not to worry, Ms.Guy's mind is as sharp as ever. Even though she writes down damn near everything as she tends to sometimes forget things. She may be working on a series of books ( I pick up three) I also pick up her work in human trafficking getting bigger. More protesting, marching and speaking. (Human trafficking is a big passion for her.) When it comes to love, family and spiritually. Her daughter is not only her top priority but her rock. She misses both her parents terribly but especially her mother. Family is more than blood to her and to her your word is your bond. When it comes to love, Jasmine is looking for a soul/spirit connection. Although she does have some issues with trusting her own choices. Spiritually is something that is very important to her as it keeps her grounded. Along with clean eating, yoga and meditation. She comes from a line of speakers and minsters. At the tender age of 52. This diva shows no signs of slowing down. Two to four plays are in the works, more writing and speaking engagements,tours and one to two movies are coming in. Trust me, Ms.Jasmine Guy is just getting started.

Love, Leo Brown :)
P.S. If she releases music again it'll be through an independent label.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Star Readings: Emma Watson.

Born April 15th,1990. Warm, funny and thoughtful. Ms.Watson is just getting started when comes down to her path that not only includes her very, very capable acting. (She's grown so much as a person and woman since the "potter years" ) Emma's birth number is the number 2. People born under the number two tend to lead with their heart. Which is why when she gave that emotional speech to the united nations her voice shook a bit. Because it was from the heart. I see Ms.Watson becoming a force of nature behind the scenes producing, writing, directing. Emma's name number (yes, there is a difference between your name and birth number.) falls under the number 6. She is very approachable and social but at the same time not afraid to speak her mind. I pick up her slowly easing her way into activism. Especially when it comes to young women and human rights. I also see her if she hasn't already starting a foundation for kids. Begin that she is born with the number two family and her friends mean everything to her. She loves her fans too but it's the people that have been there since the start that mean the most to her. When it comes to love she is very private about it because she loves with all of her heart. Word to you Emma, listen to your intuition it's never wrong. The next three to five years are going to be periods of great growth.

Love, Leo Brown :)
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Decoding the Myth:Oujia Boards

Oujia boards also known as talking boards or spirit boards have been used as a method of communicating with the spirit world dating back as early as 600 B.C.E. in both china and greece. A talking board consists of a flat board with the letters of alphabet, numbers, the words "yes"/"no" and sometimes the words "hello" and"goodbye"written on it. Along with a planchette. Contrary to popular belief. There is nothing bad or evil about using the board itself. For it is a tool of divination just like cards, numerology or automatic writing. However, just like any form of divining it is NOT a game! I repeat, it is not a game. Regardless what parker brothers may tell you. It is to be taken seriously and treated with respect. Like all things. You have to remember you are communicating with the spirit world and yes, some spirits will try you. Another thing to make note of is the saying "Like attracts like." if you and your friends are mean people. Then don't be surprised when things start to go "bump in the night." However, if you and your friends are aware that spirit communication is a serious but fun thing and not a game. Then you should be fine. If you choose to work with a talking board. Here are a few important things to remember. Make sure the people as well as yourself are of an open like mind and heart. Ground your energies (sing or chant a song that promotes good vibes) or you can visualize white light around you and the area you choose to work in. Make the area pleasant and lighthearted. Light candles, sage your area. Think of it as if you're inviting friends over so as my grandma would say "straighten up for company." Be respectful of the spirits and to them, don't go into this with fear and NEVER consultant the board alone or in your own home. Remember, the spirits have messages that can both help and can heal. If you allow them to.

Love, Leo Brown :)
P.S. If things get nutty while working with the board, don't call me. :)