Friday, February 17, 2017

Star Readings: James Van Praagh.

Author. Teacher. Medium. When we think of James Van Praagh those are the words that pop into our minds. However, I think that there's more to James than that. Today, we're going to find some of that out.

James and Marriage.

Love, Laughter and more love. James has been married since 1995. However, dating and the like has not been easy. Given his abilities and the fact that he's a bit of a diva. (He is a Virgo after all.) Also, he believes in consistency and with the right person, he would give them whatever they asked for. He has a huge heart. Even though I do get that it's a bit more guarded now. However, with his marriage. I pick up that he has a man that understands him. Not only understands him but allows him to be himself. While giving him his much needed space. He needs space not only to think but to create and teach. I pick up great things in this marriage because there is a sense of unity within it. Good job James, good job.

James' Career

Teaching, Teaching and more teaching. I pick up that when he's not helping others. He loves to teach as he sees and knows that as the years progress the world is becoming more psychic and spiritually aware. There will be some television. I pick up 2 shows. One is internet based and the other national. Other than that, it's more teaching, travel and I get a lot to do with cruises as well. There's also some film projects that I see you're writing. I pick up 3. You're going to be very busy James, Especially, April through August. So get your much needed rest.

James' Health.

He needs to eat better. Put away the cookie James. I don't get any bad psychical problems when it comes to James. Although, I am getting a lot when it comes to food. He LOVES food. Especially what I would “regal, rich food. “ Meaning, anything with butter, cream or sweetness in it. I also get that he loves his wine every now and then. James, bulk up on your mean greens and put that blender to work and you should be good. Also when it comes to working out. Try things like tai chi or yoga. You need things that quite the mind. As much of your weight gain is brought on by mental and emotional stress. Weight lifting doesn't hurt you either but don't overdo it. Also, I can see you boxing too.

James honey, if you ever read this. I hope you know what a great job you've done and continue to do with your gifts. You have inspired me beyond measure. I wish for you nothing but love and success.

Love, Leo Brown :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Star Readings:Tyler Henry.

The Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry
Healing with heart and harmony. If you could sum up Hollywood medium Tyler Henry. That pretty much covers it. With his good looks, boyish charm and honest disposition. Tyler wants to help you to heal and make you smile at the same time. Today we're going to find out more about Tyler and what makes him who he is.

Tyler On Tyler

Even though the show is called  Hollywood Medium. Tyler's not Hollywood at all. He's more of boy next door. Who when the cameras aren't rolling loves to laugh, loves to learn and he loves begin at home. He also loves junk food (big candy and starbrust fan) I pick up a lot of music around him as well. Not playing but just moving and grooving. He likes a lot of top 40 stuff and I pick up classical music too. He really is an old soul. Which is why if you watch the show, you get the sense that he's done this not just all of his life but in other lives as well. I pick up that he loves nature and any chance he has to clear his head and turn down the radio dial (when it comes to his abilities) I pick up that he is beyond grateful for this opportunity. However, it does at times wear him out. As he knows that he cannot help everyone. If he could though he would. Tyler honey, I'm begin told to tell you that you need to rest more and when you have some private time, write. I pick up that your mission is about more than begin on television. However, enjoy the ride because it's going to take you to places you never thought you'd go.

Tyler's Career.

There will be more seasons of his show. I'm counting up to 4 more. He loves doing the show and meeting the people that he meets. Even though I do pick up moments of psychic burnout. I also see more writing as well. There's going to be 2-3 more books. I also see him speaking. Things like bullying and discrimination are causes that hit close to home for him. He wants to fight for those that often don't get to fight for themselves. He also wants to make it so that other psychics and mediums who are young can have someone to relate to. He is going to tour as well. That's coming either in the middle of this year or next year. I also pick up world travel too. I see that Europe and Canada are knocking at his door.

Tyler's Love Life.

I don't pick up anyone that is permanent. Though he does date when time permits. Although, I do pick up that he likes men that are dark. Either dark in hair color, skin color or both. I get a lot to do with latin men for some reason. He wants love in his life, something lasting but he also wants someone who understands his work and his mission. This is what he was meant to do. When it comes to relationships Tyler is very giving, almost too giving. He's very much someone who believes that to truly build something real. You have to take time with it and nurture it. By the time he is 22-23 he'll be in something very serious and very real. It may shock him at first but it's going to so worth it and a lot of fun. So don't worry Tyler boo, your twin is out there and coming soon. He will be older too, between 23-26.

Tyler's Mission.

Teaching, readings, radio and television, speaking and raising awareness to help others. That's his mission. I get that he has a big soft spot for children, animals, bullying, GLBTQ issues and the planet. As he gets older. I see him either speaking out for causes like these or giving both his time and money. He wants to help the world, he really does. That's why his reading are often so personal and emotional. Many people think that he is not real and just a product of the media machine. Not so, they came to him, not the other way around. Also there's a lot things that we as viewers don't see. Is he always right? No. That doesn't mean that he isn't psychic or a medium. Quite the contrary, it means that he is human. (No psychic or medium is 100% TV or not.) He signed on to do this for three very important reasons. 1. To prove that everyone has this ability 2. To show younger psychics that they are not alone 3. To show that what he and others like him do is not a joke, novelty or just entertainment.

For that to him I say thank you. Thank you Tyler, for begin who you are. You are one of the many people who are changing the world. Never forget that and always remember to remain humble and grounded within yourself.

Love, Leo Brown :)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Star Readings: Wayne Gonzalez.

There's much to be said about Wayne Gonzalez. Fitness buff, wearer of wife beaters, selfie taker, astrologer. However, we're not going to talk about those things today. Let's get to know the man 
behind the hoodies, snapback hats and witty comebacks. Hopefully, we'll do some of that today.

Wayne on Wayne.

When I pick up on Wayne and his energy. I get someone who is kind of at a crossroads in life. Meaning, that there's still so much he wants to do with not just personally but professionally. I get everything from writing to teaching and yes, even some television. I also get that Wayne likes to be seen but only so much. Hence, why we have a lot of selfies but it's rare we hear him speak. He's not shy per se' just someone who has to feel someone out before he opens up. He'd say something to you like “Who the fuck is you?” not just to throw you off your guard but to see if you can handle what he serves. If you can handle his realness, then you're good. Also, Wayne is very moody. So he needs his alone time. Even though he's not really alone (If you catch my meaning. ) He knows this, and sometimes he has to just get away from everything. He's the type of person that once he is on vacation. He is gone. He also has sick, twisted humor. Wayne often laughs at the wrong shit. However, if you're in on the joke, you're in good company.

Underneath the humor and moodiness. There's a lot of sensitivity. What people don't understand is that things affect him on a very deep level. Even though he may not express it to those around him. When it comes to his work. He wants people to take it seriously, not him because it's not about him. It's about the work and getting to the truth of things. With Wayne, the truth is always in your face. You just have to be open to receiving it.

Wayne and Spirituality.

Drums. I hear drums. When I tap into Wayne's spiritual base. I want to dance. I want to move. I want to shout. The ancestors have always been in his life and they are making themselves more known than ever. (especially the last two years) I also pick up moments of deep thought, tears and journaling. How Wayne connects to spirit besides through meditation is through music. I see him playing the drums and however long he may need to play. When he's done with them, he usually either feels energized or has more clarity about an issue. Spirituality to wayne is like a buffet. It's all interconnected. He's not one to shout about his faith but it is very deep and vast. He's also big on the healing power of angels.

Wayne's Career.

Expansion and Teaching, Those are the first two things that pop into my head as I tap into Wayne's career. I feel that he wants to go beyond radio. Though he's very grateful for the opportunity radio provides. I get some television work but I mainly get writing and learning around him. He wants to teach not just astrology but spirituality. In a real life way. There will be some television projects (I count at least 2-4) I also get that he may write a book. However, that may be in another year or two. More radio shows as well and he may also start doing some things via facebook or through an online medium. His career is going to grow more and more. In the next 3-4 years. I also pick up some international travel as well. Not for another 3 years or so.  You're in a good place Wayne, a very good place. Remember, success is a journey not a destination.

Wayne's Health

I get a cross between “No pain, no gain” and “I really just want to eat pizza and drink.” Wayne likes begin healthy but doing it is a constant battle. What I am picking up to solve that problem is change your scenery. You need to be around things like woodlands and yes, the ocean wouldn't hurt you either. Wayne baby, I know you love your muscles but yoga would do wonders for you. Especially your knees and your joints in general. As for eating, you're doing well. However, keep the drinking to a minimum and you may want to add more dark greens to your diet. Cut down on the red meat as well.

Wayne's Personal Life

Now, this for me is a bit dicey. When I tap into Wayne's personal life. It's like looking through a slit. You can see some things but not the whole picture. Wayne is a very private person. Though his friends and family mean everything to him. The person who has his heart means even more. If you can love him and allow him to show all sides of him. You've got him. What gets Wayne's goat is intelligence and humor. If you can tell a good joke, talk about the meaning of life and have a great taste in music. You may have a chance with him. With Wayne consistency is key. Along with nurturing and some affection. Don't hover over or smother him. Just remind him of his specialness and you'll be fine. He is a leo after all.

Wayne darlin', it has been a honor to know you and I want you to know that you ain't where you may be, you're not where you should be...yet but at least you ain't where you was. You are special and wiser than you give yourself credit. Never forget that. You touch people in so many ways. Now you be sweet baby, and never stop going for the gold.

Love, Leo Brown :)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spiritual Evolution: Beyonce'

Beyonce as Oshun.

Let me start this post by saying that. I'm not a big Beyonce' fan. Not to say that she isn't talented. She is. Very talented. However, do I feel that she is the be all end all? No. Today though, I don't want to talk about her music.

I want to talk about her evolution. Her spiritual evolution. When she first came onto the scene. She was your typical black, christian girl who could sing. Then as time went on. She become known as the woman who women aspired to be.

However, as she got married and settled into begin a mom. A something shifted. I don't know if it was the birth of her baby girl or even the betrayal from her husband. If you watched and studied her closely Beyonce' changed.

Take a look at the "4" album. She showed a more mature sound, while experimenting with issues such women's empowerment. She even toyed with african beats/caribbean rhythms. (Look at Grown Woman, Countdown and Run The World for examples.)

Then look at the album Lemonade, If you study it. It is an album of pain, growth, realization, closure and last but  never least healing.  I don't know if she made the album just to make money. I'm sure that was part of it but I also think that she wanted show that like us, she's human and she can be vulnerable.

With Lemonade. She became more aware of who she was. She started to look into her roots and culture (Or someone did that for her.) Beyonce became aware of her power or woke as some of us like to say.

Beyonce, Miss Tina and Blue Ivy. (Mother, Maiden and Crone.)
Now we see her as we've never seen her. As a goddess. If you study any mythology or any spirituality outside of monotheism. Then you would know that the goddess that she is channeling is Oshun.

For those of you who don't know, Oshun is the goddess of love, fertility, sensuality and the river.
She is also a goddess of healing, money and divining. Shout out to all of my readers in the house.

What we are seeing before us now. Is Beyonce the woman. The woman who not only knows her powers but owns them. We're also seeing a woman of a journey. A journey of growth and self discovery.

She is telling us through her chosen form of communication that it is never too late to take off the mental, emotional and yes, even spiritual chains that weigh you down and access your royalty.

By her channeling and paying honor to Oshun. She is saying that we all are royal creatures. Only we have to see it, feel it, know it, earn it, learn it and own it.

This journey is NOT easy by any means. However, it is a journey that is worth doing and seeing through.

Thank you Mrs. Carter, for showing us that we too are kings and queens. As long we do the work of embracing our royalty.

Love, Leo Brown :) 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Star Readings: Daniel Weingarten.

Comic/Actor Daniel Weingarten.
Humor with mind and heart. Comic Daniel Weingarten is on a mission. Not just to make you laugh but to make you think. He wants to open your mind. From the looks of things he's doing exactly that.

Let's get to know more about Daniel. The person behind the nice eyes and great hair. How does he come up with his humor? Why is he comic when he could be a lawyer? Does he like ice cream? If so, what flavor? You're not going to find those things out. However, you'll get to know the man behind the mic. Let's get started.

Daniel on Daniel.

Daniel is a very not shy person but introspective, he has to see and think things through before he writes it or includes it in his work. He's also a very laid back but at the same time hard working person. When he is onstage he's the comic we all know and love. However, offstage he's a reader, foodie, (He loves a good meal either making it or going out to eat) people watcher and loves his friends and family. He's a very simple guy but complex at the same time. Even though I get the feeling that when it comes to his self esteem it wanes at times, humor is truly his saving grace. He's also a great listener. If a person can find out what makes him tick, you've got a friend for life. Even though I get the feeling that he can be loyal to a fault.

Daniel's Career.

Slow and steady wins the race. That's what I'm hearing when I pick up on Daniel's career. He's not about the just the goal but the destination. Daniel knows this and that is why every time he goes out on that stage. He's not only thankful for every person who comes to see him (even the hecklers, sometimes) but he is also grateful to be able to do what he loves and has a passion for. I pick up that the next 3 years are going to be very busy for him. I pick up a lot of behind the scenes work for him. (Writing, acting, even some producing) Daniel darlin' don't stress it's all going to work itself out. By the way, there will be some traveling (both national and international) and touring coming up for you as well.

Daniel and Spirituality

Despite him begin known for the funny. Spirituality is very important to Daniel. He's not a religious nut by any means but. He knows that there is something bigger than what we see or know around us. He's an energy man, meaning that if you're energy is jacked. He can sense it a mile away. I pick up that things like walking, prayer and just plain ole thinking are the things that center and ground him. Along with of course, humor. He's been on a journey for quite sometime now and I pick up something to do with his descendants as well. I feel that someone that has passed is guiding him and telling him that it's okay to question things. Especially of a spiritual basis. Daniel, seeking knowledge is how you grow. So yes, you're on the right track.

Daniel's Health

The great outdoors. Things like hiking, running and swimming are the things that Daniel needs to do more of to get and stay in shape. He's a not a huge fitness buff but he does try to stay in health. Not just for looks but just cause. As I said earlier, he loves a good meal. Plus, he likes feeling good and looking good. I pick up healthy eating in the form of smoothies and the occasional cheat weeks. Although he knows his limits.

Cut back on the drinking and carbs and your waist will thank you. Lift weights but don't overdo it. Even though a lot of your weight gain is because of mental stress. So exercise your mind and body and you'll be fine.

Daniel, your humor and your ability to take serious things and make us think and laugh at the same time. Is so inspiring. Keep making us laugh. Your humor touches us more than you could ever know.

Love, Leo Brown :) 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tarot and Tea With Leo Brown| On Facebook Live.

#tarotandtea #psychicleo #psychicreadings #facebooklive In case some of you missed it. You can watch it again on youtube.
Tarot and Tea With Leo Brown|On Facebook Live Tarot and Tea is a once a month live stream. Where you can get a free reading from Leo Brown. It's done via facebook live. I thank you all for watching. See you next month!

Love, Leo Brown :)

Star Readings: Sampson McCormick.

Simply Sampson. Comedian and Actor Sampson Mccormick is not giving in or giving up. He is doing what many of us should do. Using his powerful voice to make a statement of change. It doesn't matter if it's gay marriage, spirituality or sex. Sampson can and will talk about it. He feels that he has to. In his mind, if he doesn't speak on it. Who will? Well today, I'm going to give a Mr. Mccormick a good ole nasty, mississippi-alabama read that I hope you as well he will enjoy. Let's get started.

Sampson's Career.

Growing stronger everyday. Sampson is no stranger to this thing called building a brand or making a name for yourself. This may look easy to us, but for Sampson this road has not been easy. I see him doing more tours, traveling overseas (As I pick up water around him) I also see cruise ship work and another television special and more movies as well. (There's going to be two more and I feel he's going to do some screenwriting as well.) He wants us to know that just because something looks easy doesn't mean that it is. There has been many tears, sleepless nights and worry. Don't worry Sampson, in the next five years you're going to be busier than you've ever been. You need to get into more merchandising chile, and do more behind the scenes work. It will come in handy in the next year or so. Also, you need to write a book. Not a memoir but a humorous book about life.

Sampson's Love Life.

It's like this. Support my mission, embrace my vulnerability, make me laugh, have your own shit and eat the cakes real, real good. We might have a chance. Might begin the operative word. When I look into Sampson love life. It's not bad, it's just that he refuses to settle. I pick up that they're some contenders but they off to side for now. I want to say 2 maybe 3 people. Even though I pick up that his career is his main focus. In the words of Lil' Kim “He has no time for fake ones.” Sampson baby, what's the deal with all of these foreign men around you boo? I don't know if that you like them, but they lurves you something fierce.

Sampson's Health.

I don't pick up anything bad. Regarding his physical health. However,I do pick a lot when it comes to his emotional health. You see, Sampson is a feeler. That's where his humor comes from. If he doesn't feel it or if it doesn't feel right. He won't talk about it. Sampson honey, try to ease away from the news. Also, physically, focus more weights and less on cardio. A little thickness won't hurt ya. Get more into smoothies when you're on the road and yoga to loosen you up. As I pick up some stiffness in your joints. What would really help your mood and ground your energy along with meditation is dancing. You need to release that excess energy you pick up from people.

Sampson and Spirituality.

Sampson honey, know that god is always with you, within you and able. Your faith has gotten you through some shit. I pick up a lot to do with three or four years ago. You're on the right path and don't worry honey, you are doing the right things. Stop over thinking so damn much. You have the spirit of a teacher and preacher in you. It's rooted in your comedy. Your next two years are going to be years of deep spiritual growth and inner transformation. It's going to be so worth it, you'll see. By the way, Sampson. Find reasons to smile and look back at how far you've come with love. You're just getting started.

Your humor and strength. It's such a beautiful thing. Remember that honey, and never give up on your dreams. We believe in you and love you more than you think.

Love, Leo Brown :)