Sunday, August 31, 2014

Leo Brown's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video.

Happy Monday Cubbers! Here is my als ice bucket challenge video. Don't forget to donate to! If you want to know what als is and why people are dumping ice buckets on their heads. Watch this video: Give whatever you can (ten dollars or more) together we can stop this horrible disease.

Love, Leo Brown :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tarot Card Tuesday: Nine of Cups.

The Nine of Cups.
 This card has to do with everything emotional. The number is associated with fiery planet of mars. So in this case this card tells us that it's okay to go with what we feel. When it comes to love and relationships you may yourself or your partner either at odds emotionally or in total harmony.

The term "In your feelings certainly applies with this card. Issues regarding trust may be at forefront today. Watch out for emotional ups and downs and most of all listen to your heart.

When it comes to career, money and business. This card speaks of growth and finally finding the job you love or in some cases feeling drawn to wanting to make this planet a better place.

Volunteering your time and giving heartfelt advice may come in handy today. This card is also know as the wish card.

For it tells us that we've made the right choices and that spirit is at work making our dreams come true. On the other hand it also warns to be careful what we wish for because we just might get it.

Love, Leo Brown :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Star Readings: Rolonda Watts.

Talk show host, actress,motivational speaker,novelist,radio show host and voice over artist. Born July 12, 1959. Blessed with the glowing number one as her name number (People under the number one tend to have a very warm, humble and outgoing persona; which is great for anything regarding the stage, screen or the public.)and the intuitive number seven as the number of her birth. Ms. Watts is a force to be reckoned with! Beneath her down to earth, southern girl charm lies a woman who seeks the truth in every aspect of her life. From her name number alone the sun plays a great role in her life. In addition to her work as an actress and voice over artist. I sense that speaking to the youth and women of color is one of her main passions. There may be four speaking engagements coming up in the fall going into the next year. With her birth number begin the number seven which in many circles is a number of completion, it's easy to see where her investigative though some of her friends might say nosy nature comes into play. Rolonda allows her heart to do the talking. If she doesn't "feel" it it's not getting done. Sometimes it is hard for her to balance her emotional self and it may often feel like people are there for her but don't really "get" the passion behind her.As things can affect her deeply. Underneath her smile is a woman who may at times feel alone but she knows she's not. I sense a great connection with her father. She at times senses his presence around her. Rolonda feels as if she can help the world to grow and get in touch with who they are on a deep, spiritual level. (She just turned 55 and five dealing with the planet mercury which is all about mental growth, business and communication). Then her job is complete. In her world she's everyone's big sister,aunt and best friend.

Love, Leo Brown 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Common Questions Sunday: How does Leo feel about the Long Island Medium?

Hey Cubbers!

Watch as Leo answers many of your burning questions! Today Leo answers the questions Can psychics"read" for themselves? and How does Leo feel about the Long Island Medium? Leo answers that and a whole lot more on this edition of common questions sunday! Have a question for Leo? Then shoot him an e-mail at make sure to put "common questions" the subject line. Thanks for watching! Be sure to leave your comments, ratings, share and make sure to subscribe!

Love, Leo Brown :)

Tarot Card Tuesday :The Ace of Wands.

The Ace of Wands is start of that creative fire lies within all of us. Every ace in the tarot is associated with beginnings and new starts. We're dealing with the passion and at times tempestuous element of fire. Which as we all know can be fun but a little destructive. This card is all about power, ambition, energy and inner drive. If you get the ace of wands in reading and it happens to be the upright position.

The Ace of Wands
The Mythic Tarot.
It could be associated with these key points:

  • New creative insights.
  • Starting a new job or business venture.
  • Meeting a new circle of like-minded friends.
  • Your outlook on love and relationships changes for the better.
Of course, these are just some of the things that the Ace of Wands in the upright position may be tied to.  After all, every person and reading is different. 

Now, if you happen to have a reading and this card appears in the reversed position. Which some see as bad (It's not) It may mean that things are happening just not in the fast and quick way that we would like. 

This card also deals with thinking before you act. So if you get this card in reverse it could be the universe telling you that if you're patient and can wait, the things that you've desired will fall into place. 

Some other key points are:
  • Lack of drive or ambition
  • No new business or career growth (yet)
  • Your social scene has not changed
  • No creative juice
  • Love life has no passion (meeting the same jerks) 
As I said earlier this only scratches the surface of this card's many,many meanings. Every reading is different as every person is different. If you this card is pulled for you. It means that you have all the energy you need to make in your life good or bad come into begin. 

Love, Leo Brown :)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Star Readings: Phyllis Hyman.

Skip all the pleasant shit and get to the point! (In Ms.Hyman's voice.) Contrary to popular belief Ms. Hyman did not end her life over a man. (i KNEW what I wanted to do) I'm hearing as I write this. She was open hearted almost to a fault. She was also one who trusted too easily but also guarded. She still checks in on her family and friends from time to time. Her third sister especially. Before she passed she was slowly pulling herself out of debt. Even though her estate still is in debt. One of the reasons she became so depressed was because there was too much stock going into trends. (I couldn't compete with the young girls and I didn't want to.) There were risks she wanted to take in the industry when it came to her music three years before her passing. Writing, producing. (I wanted to do everything, I wanted complete control) (Dance,a full on Jazz album and a duet record with Nancy Wilson was in the works,) Phyllis now just wants to remember but left alone. (I'm very happy where I am.) Handle the other shit on your own.) So with that I say to you Ms. Hyman thanks for your music and memories and may your spirit truly be at peace.

Love, Leo Brown :)