Thursday, July 2, 2015

Star Readings: Latrice Royale.

She is large and in charge, chunky yet funky. She is... Latrice Motherfuckin' Royale! We all know that know her tagline. However, who is she really? What's underneath the makeup and lashes? That's what I'm going to pick up and find out.

What do I pick up for Latrice?

Growth in business and beyond. Latrice is so grateful for everything that she has been given and learned over the years. She has fought her inner battles and won. Her life is coming full circle. Look for her to be start telling her story either through the written word or by speaking. She's got a story and truly wants to help everyone who wants to receive her message. I also pick up her becoming more spiritually active and involved in her hometown even more than before. She wants to do something for the youth not just in her hometown but worldwide. Trust me folks, mama trice is just getting started.

Latrice's Love Life

The man in Latrice's life came right on time. Even though it didn't feel that way at first. For the both of them they've never been happier and feel that fate had a hand in the both of them finding each other. I don't see this relationship ending anytime soon. As they're both very spiritual and know that divine timing played a role for them. Plus, Latrice's soul has been ready for the past 3 years and when the soul is ready the mate appears.

Latrice's Career
Right now her career is burning up but not to the point to where she can't handle it. She's more focused on the business end of the business rather than just the glamour shots. She's also mentoring many,many up and coming people about how to have your business in place. I see a lot of contracts around her and her making deals for herself. There's a product line in the works and something to do with the food industry is also in the works. Along with some television projects. Her next 1-4 years are going to be her busiest and most rewarding.

Latrice and Spirituality

Her mother and many members of her family visit her in many different ways. Even though I pick up through dreams and the feelings of deja vu. Latrice knows that the spirit world does exist and has seen and felt it first hand. Her spiritual base is what helped her survive prison. She's a big believer in the divine but she doesn't shove it in your face. However, if you allow she'll share her testimony. She's also very intuitive but tunes into it when need be. She also can be a bit indecisive at times. Don't worry Latrice, you're on the right track.

Latrice and Health

Latrice is now taking an active role when it comes to her health. However, she knows that she will never be a size 2. She loves her curves and now she celebrates them. There was a time when she really didn't like herself but she's made peace with her past and encourages everyone to do the same. She is loosing weight but her own terms but in her own way. I see her juicing and eating more veggies and lean meats. She's staying hydrated by making water a big part of her diet. Latrice believes you can be sexy at any size and she's absolutely right. I up pick her dropping 20-30 more pounds by the fall of this year.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Star Readings: Joseline Hernandez.

Bad Bitches Stand Up! For rapper/reality star Joseline Hernandez that's not just something that she just says it's a way of thinking and a way of life. Some may criticize her for begin bold, brash and hyper sexual at times but as a wise woman once said if you've got it, flaunt it and that's exactly what she is doing.

What Do I Pick Up For Joseline?

Joseline is a woman who is trying to change and at the same time find her voice. In more ways than one. Look for more music and yes, it will have the trap/club sound because that is her world. When it comes to her relationship with Stevie J. She does love him but at same time, she's tried of his crap. She's tired of the control and the emotional manipulation that he tries to use on her. She knows what she is capable of but it's only now that she is starting to tap into her own strength. I also pick up that she's slowly starting to heal from her past and make amends with people that were once close to her. Especially family. She's also starting to know who her real friends are. Joseline has many demons but the difference is that now she wants to do something about it. When it comes to her marriage she's in it for the long haul but she's also begin a bit stubborn. She's ready for a family and stability. There's going to be some deep seated issues that are going to come to surface soon. Don't be surprised that She and Stevie separate for a minute only to come back but with a bit more understanding. Joseline's very set in her ways as is Stevie. Be on the lookout for a book or something that will go into more detail about her life in the next year or two. There's more to her than we know and despite her sometimes angry attitude, she's actually very down to earth and sweet but it takes someone who is worthy of that to see that. Look out for many different sides of her personality to come out as time goes on. One things for sure, she's more than a pole dancer.

Numerology Profile: Joseline Hernandez.

An old soul. That's the best way to describe Joseline Hernandez on the surface but I can tell by looking at her purpose number that she's been her more than once and she knows it too. Joseline has the purpose number of 4. Number 4 people often start out in life having a hard row to hoe but soon they find their way and become grounded within themselves. Number 4 people are survivalists. Contrary to what others may think of her she's very grounded in who she is, where she's been and where she's from. Number 4 people crave stability and are often ahead of their time when it comes to things like style, clothing and music.

Number for people are also very practical people and take no shit. Which is why in Joseline's case she's quick to pop off and say exactly what's on her mind. When it comes to her birth number she ruled by her often passionate emotions. It also doesn't hurt that she's a scorpio. Joseline's birth number is the number 2. Number 2 people are often emotional, musically inclined and can be very possessive when it comes to the ones they love. Joseline loves with her whole heart and doesn't believe in holding back. Number 2 also are often born by water and do well when they are around it. So it's no mistake that Joseline was born on the beaches of puerto rico. On the flip side number 2 people can very co-dependent and very fickle when it comes to their feelings. They often hold in what they truly feel inside. Which is why at times Joseline lashes out at those closest to her. She's healing and dealing with her issues and now she's getting in touch with herself. She knows that without a doubt, no matter what curves life throws her that she will be just fine.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to connect to self, source and spirit in five easy steps.

Meditation. When we think of this word, for many of us we think of stillness, the lotus position, charkas or the word om. Now, some of this is true.

For some when we meditate we do allow stillness and calm to take over our bodies and for some our chakras spin and become aligned.

However, just like there's more than one way to skin a cat. There's more than one way to connect to your higher self, receive messages from spirit and ground yourself. Meditation doesn't have to be a job and it doesn't have to take an hour.

Here are five very simple, practical ways that you can connect to source, self and spirit without even knowing it.

1. Walking: I know. Sounds easy right? Have you ever noticed that when you're walking your focus becomes sharper? The mental clutter that was once in your head starts to go away. That's because walking is a form of meditation. It's simple, easy, quick and gets you in shape at the same time.

2. Cooking/Eating: That's right, having a good meal is a form of meditation. If you've ever watched a person cook than you'd know how in the moment they are as they're preparing food. When it comes to eating it's the same thing. Ever see someone at a buffet and how selective they are about the food they want? Well, meditation is behind that. The person wants to not only enjoy their meal but connect to it's energy. When you meditate you're connecting to the energy of self, source and spirit.

3. Cleaning: For all of my OCD peeps this one's for you. You know the saying a clean home a clean life? Well, for many cleaning is form of meditation that helps you to go within and look at the things around you. Most people who clean a lot always talk about how refreshed they feel after the clean up is finished. There's a reason for that, they're focusing on cleaning their space but they're also inviting in new and fresh energy. Also, there's nothing like a clean house.

4. Exercise: Wonder why so many people become addicted to the gym? Well, it's more than the muscles. Exercise is a form of meditation that not only helps you look good but it also helps you to cleanse your body and mind. Take yoga for instance, traditional forms of yoga help you to de-stress while improving concretion, flexibility and connect to self. So if you ever need some focus or connection hit the gym or workout at home.

5. Sex/Intimacy: I had to save the best for last. There's nothing like a good old fashioned fuck or a moment with your own body by yourself. Many may disagree but sex is form of meditation. Think about it. When you're having sex either with someone else or by yourself you are connecting to self, source and spirit. That's why I tell many people don't think with or give away what you have between your thighs because it is powerful!  Next time you're about to get it in try to focus on not just your pleasure the energy that you're giving and receiving.  Soon you'll find that you're connecting to not only source, self and spirit but also your body.

There you have it. Five simple ways to connect to self, source and spirit. Give them a try and find one that works for you. You may surprised at the results.

Love, Leo Brown :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Star Readings: Kenya Moore.

Life twirls on! That is not just a catchy saying for Kenya Moore but a motto of how she sees the world and things around her. She is often misunderstood and there are many misconceptions about her but down deep she is a woman of strength and resilience. Kenya's ultimate goal is to live her life in her own way, on her terms.

What do I pick up for Kenya?

Growth both personally and professionally. Her show will be picked up there are at least three negotiation deals taking place right now. Even though the series may start out online and then grow from there to transition to a major network. (ABC or NBC ) are expressing interest. She is learning to forgive herself and grow up. She doesn't mean to act or lash out but there's a lot of emotional healing that has been taking place for the past 4 years. Kenya is now learning that in order to truly know someone you have to walk a mile in their shoes. Which is not easy for her. When it comes to her new man. She's very happy but also very, very scared. Not of him but of making the wrong choices. Which is why they're moving very slow. Don't worry Kenya, you're going to be okay. Just embrace love and this moment with gusto!

As far as the show and her businesses. She's trying to become more level headed about her business and more organized. Kenya, there's 3 people that you need to watch closely when it comes to your affairs they're not bad people but just double check everything to make sure they're pulling they're weight and you'll be fine. When it comes to the show. There's a love/hate thing she has with it. On on hand it's a been a great opportunity but on the other; many personal bridges have been burned and that bothers her. Right now, I see her kind of begin on auto pilot and just going with the program. Also, I get that she really wants to stop instigating less and keep to herself. Even though she takes on the energy of others way too much. Which makes it hard for her to stay out of gossip and harms way. (she might be an empath) When it comes to her hair care line. Look for it to grow beyond that in the next year to two years. There's talks of a total skin care and body line in the works. I see her on HSN or QVC soon as well. When it comes to spiritually, Kenya knows there's something deeper around her and she's very psychic herself. She's more spiritual than religious. Whatever path Kenya chooses to go down she's going to be just fine.


Numerology Profile: Kenya Moore.

Born Kenya Summer Moore. January 24th 1971. If it doesn't make sense, she wants no parts of it. Kenya is a very old soul. This is evidenced by her purpose number. Kenya's purpose number is 4. Which means that for her everything has to make sense in one way or another. Number 4 people know that they've been on this plane many times and they know that each time is different from the last. Despite her out of the box persona. Kenya is a very maternal type of person. Which in the past has gotten her hurt. It's not that she wants children for the sake of wanting them. It's because she feels that she has something to teach them. She feels that it's her job to help other people. Which is why winning miss usa meant so much to her. Number 4 people also tend to be almost too logical when it comes to things and allow their heads to lead instead of their hearts. However, as she's gotten older Kenya is starting to allow her heart to guide her.

When it comes to her birth number which is the intuitive and investigative number 7. Kenya has to be in the know or at least have access to it. Which is why some may see her as nosy or a busy body. People who have the number 7 as their birth number love everything to do with learning. It doesn't matter if it's from experience or from a book. As long as they get something from it, that's what matters. Kenya is intuitive but not one who hears or sees. Kenya feels when something is either off or worth going for. Nine times out of ten she's rarely wrong. People who have the 7 as their birth number tend to look at life from a very philosophical way. To others it may seem like they live with their head in the clouds. They don't they just see the rainbow beyond the storms. Kenya is no exception when it comes to this way of thinking. Which is why she has such a youthful attitude towards life and possesses such strength in spite of adversity. Number 7 people are also very emotional. If you hurt a number 7 emotionally you'll know it but it will take them a minute to forgive you but they will never forget it. Which is why Kenya's pain is so deep when it comes to her mother and relating to others. Especially women. However, Kenya is embarking on a new chapter of her life. She is finally realizing that she is gone with the wind fabulous.

Love, Leo Brown :)
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stuff Leo Likes: Diamond Dogs Photography.

People always ask me. "Leo, where did you get your pictures done?" Well, I'll tell you. Diamond Dogs Photography that's who. How did I find them? Simple. Late night googling. My goal was to find someone who could shoot an alter ego type of photo shoot. Because I was tired of my old promo photos and I needed and wanted a change. 

When I started my search, It looked like that I would have to travel several states and I mean several states away to get the kind of pictures I wanted. (St.Louis get on the alter ego trend please. )

I wanted pictures that captured the true essence of who I really was in picture form. Diamond Dogs did not only that but went above beyond with their professionalism and warm personalities.  On top of that, their work is every muthafuckin' thing!  I first met Sam and her husband through e-mail and she struck me as a no nonsense woman who was about her business. 

Which I loved and the fact that she wanted to work with me, really delighted me. (They specialize in sexy bedroom photography along with a slew of other types of photography.) 

Begin that I had very and I mean very little experience in front of a camera over long periods of time. Sam and her husband who I dubbed Mr.Bear made me so comfortable that towards the end of the shoot that I felt like I made a friend. 

When it came to pricing and the actual shoot itself. They made it so enjoyable that I didn't want it to end! The pricing was fair and honest. They're prices range from $25.00-$100.00 and yes, they offer make-up as well! 

It does help to bring a friend or a buddy along with you. For my shoot I brought along my friend/makeup artist. A typical shoot can last one to two hours. Trust me, the time goes by very fast. 

If you want to explore a different side of yourself or you want buy a gift for yourself I highly recommend them. They will make not only beautiful but very. very happy. Take my word for it you won't regret it.  Tell'em Leo sent ya!

Love, Leo Brown :) 

Here are a few samples of their work:
Before circa 2010.

After September 2014.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Stuff Leo Likes: Sundays with Rolonda.

Informative, empowering and inspiring are just some of the words that describe the hit radio show Sundays with Rolanda. That airs on cbs radio. With topics ranging from diversity in television to psychics.  This show has everything that you could want, need and more!!

The show is hosted by the witty, warm southern belle with a heart of gold. Actress and former talk show hostess Rolonda Watts.

I first discovered this show due to a bout I was having with insomnia. Since then, this show has become a sunday treat for me or whenever I want to be in the know or how to enrich myself in ways to grow both inside and out.

One of the things that I absolutely love about this show is that it doesn't feel like a show. Rolonda makes you feel as if you've been invited by her personally to her home for talk, tea and crumpets.  So warm, friendly and welcoming. As you sit down the conversation just starts to flow and before you know it. You've not only made a friend but you've learned something about yourself at the same time.

Thank you Rolonda, for not only begin you but for allowing us into your home, head and heart. Don't take my word for it. Listen for yourselves here.

Love, Leo Brown.

Rolonda's Official Website
Rolonda on Twitter!
Sunday's with Rolonda Radio!
Rolonda on Instagram
Rolonda on Youtube!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Star Readings: Miss Sophia Macintosh.

Zero Fucks Given! Uninhibited, Unapologetic and Unrestricted. Those three words describe Radio Host/Entertainer Miss Sophia Macintosh to a T. With Miss Sophia what you see, hear and receive is what you get. Either you're going to like her, love her or hate her but rest assured Miss Sophia will not be ignored or silenced.

What do I pick for Miss Sophia?

Hosting and touring not just in Atlanta but in neighboring cites. There are talks of her going to the southwest either Dallas or California. There's a possible relocation in the works. I also pick up her wanting to give back especially to those who are youth or who are affected with HIV/AIDS. She's doing more radio but this time it's on her terms. Gone are the days where she would just keep her mouth shut to keep the peace. It's not begin messy to her it's her begin honest and real. She has grown a lot over the past 2-3 years especially emotionally and spiritually. There was a point and time in her life where when she really needed help, not just in her career but in general. No one was around so Miss Sophia has literally started from the bottom only to rise again.

I see her speaking, no not speaking preaching in later years to the masses and for her she views both radio and the stage as her ministry. She wants to make you laugh but while informing and empowering you. When it comes to her personal life, health and spiritual walk. She wants a man who is honest, real and someone she can lean on. She tends to be a giver in her relationships. As for her health girl, cut back on the starches and fried, fatty foods and add more cardio to your workouts and you'll be fine. Also stop stressing so much. Spiritually, she is growing. She's not a holy roller by any means but she does love god with her total heart. Keep praying Miss Sophia your dreams are coming to pass.


Numerology Profile: Miss Sophia.

Born Joseph Taylor. It's apparent that Miss Sophia let's her emotions do the walking and her mouth do the talking. In the quest of doing this star reading. I couldn't find her date of birth but that's okay. What I have found out is that based on her given name at birth. Is that Miss Sophia's purpose number. (That's the number you get when you add all the letters of your entire name.) Is the emotional, lunar based number 2. Number 2 people are very much like the moon itself. Which is the planet it's ruled by. Number 2 people can be moody, quiet and indecisive. Depending on their moods and what day of the week it may be. When it comes to Miss Sophia yes, she is loud and outrageous but for those that know her beyond the makeup. Know that she has a very calm demeanor and it takes a lot for her to lash out.

However, once that button is pushed. Watch out! Number 2 people are fierce protectors when it comes to the people they love and care for. Which is why when it comes to friendship the circle of a number 2 person is always small. (No fake bitches allowed.) Number 2 people are also very musically inclined. So it's not a fluke that Miss Sophia is on stage and behind the mic. They make the best performers because they perform with all of their heart. When it comes to love and relationships Number 2 people are very romantic but at the same time very private about who they're with. So with Miss Sophia just know that she's happy and that's all that matters. When Miss Sophia speaks she's not only speaking truth but know that she's also speaking from the heart.
Number 2 people are known for seeing every side of an issue and make great diplomats. That's why when she's on the radio it always strikes a cord. It's because we all can either relate or understand where she is coming from. Trust and believe, Miss Sophia isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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