Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cards of The Day: The Eight and Page of Pentacles.

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#psychicleo #cardsoftheday #tarotreadings #tarotcards Today's cards of the day are the Eight and Page of Pentacles. The eight of pentacles is all about hard work. Want to be an artist? Want to change the world? Then you have to find your talents, whatever they are and hone your skills. Will be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Yes! This card tells us that though the work may be hard. It is worth doing. Along with the page of pentacles. It is telling us that all the hard work and sleepless nights have been worth it. Your faith and works are now bearing fruit. However, take the time to take care of yourself and the things you've acquired. You can't pour from an empty cup. What do the cards tell Y.O.U.?
Love, Leo Brown :) 

Book Signing!

Like, Comment and Share! #psychicleo #atlanta #author #psychicmedium Looking forward to seeing all of this Saturday! If you or someone you know will be in the Sandy Springs area of Atlanta. Come and hang out with me at the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore! There will be a book signing, Q&A and one on one readings with me. See you soon!
Love, Leo Brown :) 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Star Readings: Jacob Kohinoor.

Talk show host, fitness buff, makeup artist and drag queen. Jacob Kohinoor wears many hats and he shows no signs of slowing down. However, underneath the makeup, muscles and yes even the smile. There's something more, someone that we the viewers don't see. I want to peel back the layers of him and allow you to see him in a different light. Hopefully, by reading this, you'll see that.

Jacob and Miss Jessica.

Jacob is expressing a part of himself that has been repressed for a long time. At least two years and now he's embracing who he is on a deeper level. It's almost like a spiritual experience for him. To answer everyone's question, No, he is not transitioning. Not there's anything wrong with that. He's just celebrating all of who he is. Miss Jessica, is the more fun, flirty side of him and he's loving every minute of it. Even though, he doesn't show it he's a very sensitive man. When people make comments it does phase him sometimes.

I pick up that he's going to do more style and makeup tutorials and I also see him getting into fashion. I pick up the colors black, red and a lot of lace. Jacob/Jessica honey, continue to do you. I also see him doing some pageant work as Jessica. He's a great dancer but he may need some help with choreography.

Jacob and Love
When it comes to love. He's open to it but now he's more selective and even a bit cautious. He's come to a point in his life and growth where if you don't embrace him for who he is. You can leave. Jacob darlin' keep that heart open as the men are coming in droves but don't allow yourself to be used or lead down a path of disillusionment. There is someone coming into your life possibly in the summer (June.)

Jacob's Career

I pick up in transition. He's stepping out of one career into a new and better one. I do pick up a little bit of fear when it comes to this but he's going to be okay. Do see more youtube videos but this time you're going to see him evolve and not just skits. I also pick up him wanting to start a some sort of business as well. In the next year or so. As I pick up money exchanging hands and contracts. I also see him writing and doing more work on his talk show.

Jacob's Health

Weight lifting. Working out and even juicing. That's what I pick up for him when it comes to his physical health. What I get that he needs to keep up on is his mental and emotional health. As I get that he goes through depression at times and he feels scatterbrained in the head. Jacob, mediation would work wonders for you and also having someone who is honest with you to talk to. Not someone who is just kissing your ass.

Jacob and Spirituality
When it comes to spirituality. I pick up growth and questioning. He knows that there is something greater than himself out there and he wants to know more about it. His faith is very deep and I get that at one point, he seriously considered going into the ministry. Jacob stay grounded in your faith and use your faith to keep you sane. Also don't be afraid of growth when it comes to your spirituality. It will serve you well.

Jacob/Jessica, Be who you are, honor who you are and love all that you are. You are special and needed more than you know.

Love, Leo Brown :) 

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Monday, January 9, 2017

Star Readings: JustinJ1232

The Man Behind The Mouth.
Justin J. What can you say about him that hasn't been said in both good and bad. Is he loud? Yes. Is he opinionated? Yes. Justin is many things to those that know him. Underneath the attitude and black v-necks. Justin has a big heart and really cares for and about people on a deep level. He just doesn't show it very often.

How I found Justin was by accident. I was going through Youtube Channels when I saw a video called “Black People Can't Tip Point Blank Period!” I had no clue what this video was about but I wanted to check it out. As I watched the video.

I saw humor, truth and yes, even a little anger. I quickly subscribed to his channel as I wanted to find out more about him. As his channel changed so did he. I've seen an angry boy, who has now become a man with goals, dreams and a heart. Today, we're going to dig and try to find out more about the man behind the mouth.

Justin's Mission

He truly wants to help people with humor. Underneath his “roasting” he wants people to face the truth. While laughing at the same time. I pick up that contrary to what we see, Justin really is very shy and sweet. He's not acting when he's on camera. It's just that when he is passionate about something or someone his emotions come out and make themselves known. His true mission is truth with humor.

Justin's Love Life

The energy that I pick up when looking into Justin's love life is complicated. Justin loves everything about love. However, when finding someone who gets him. That can be hard. Here's a tip Justin baby, show your emotion more and your attitude less. Also, he likes to keep his personal life personal and very private. I do pick up that they're are men around him, however, his real relationship may not come until the spring (April)
Justin and YouTube

Growth and expansion are the words and energy that I pick up when it comes to Justin and youtube. Don't get me wrong, he likes the platform but Justin is very ambitious and driven and wants so much more for himself and out of his career. I pick up writing and a lot of behind the scenes work when it comes to him and there are talks of him doing some radio and television work as well. Justin, look for things to take off in the next 3-5 months. Also we're going to his attitude change and he's going to be more conversational and introspective. We're going to see a gentlemen emerge.

Justin and Family

While his family means everything to him. I pick up that his hometown of memphis is another matter. It's not that he dislikes it. It's that he doesn't want to get stuck. Justin's a Leo and the one thing that Leo crave next to attention is freedom. Without it, they feel trapped and will lash out. Justin knows deep down that he was put here to do something greater than just pay the bills.

He wants to rule his kingdom while having his family and true friends around him. In other words, he wants it all. I pick up that the past 2-4 months his circle of friends has been getting smaller and he has experienced some emotional betrayal from those he thought he could trust. Don't worry Justin, they showed you who they were for a reason. Your season and your true family and tribe are coming to you and always around you.

Justin's Health

When comes to Justin's health. I pick up body acceptance along with I see him watching what he eats. Step away from the fried foods Justin. Justin likes his body but slowly now, he's starting to embrace his body and learning to love the skin that he is in. Is this easy? No! However, it is both needed and very necessary. By late April going into May. I see him working out and doing some light weightlifting. He doesn't want to be a model. He just wants to be very health and the best that he can be. Justin honey, there is no need to change just show more of you are and the rest will fall into place. Keep doing you, pooching and moving along swiftly and professionally.

Love, Leo Brown :) 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Tarot and Tea January 10th On Facebook Live!

#tarotandtea #tarotandteatuesday #psychicleo It's back! Tarot and Tea with Leo Brown. January 10th so get your questions ready! As we talk about the headlines and you find out what's in the cards for you. It starts here @ 7pm CST/ 8pm EST/ 6pm PST right here, on facebook live!
Love, Leo Brown 

Phoenix and Dragon BookStore Book Signing.

#psychicleo #booksigning #atlanta2017 #mlkweekend Don't forget! I will be in Atlanta Jan 20th and 21st. For a book signing and one on one readings. I'll be at the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore looking forward to seeing all of you!!

Love, Leo Brown :)