Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Star Readings: Keke Palmer.

Boundary breaker! Ms. Keke Palmer is sight to behold and she's just getting started. Gone are the days of her begin that little girl from Akeelah and the bee. She can't stop nor will she stop. Get ready, cause here she comes.

Actress and Singer Keke Palmer is breaking boundaries as the first black woman to play the title role in the Broadway version of the classic movie Cinderella. It seems as if Ms. Palmer has just popped up on the scene but Ms.Keke has been doing this for a long minute and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

What do I pick up for Ms.Keke?

She's going to do three more plays. Her next year is going to be a year of not just work but balance. She needs some downtime.  I also pick up her wanting to do other things such as writing and directing. This will not be for another 3-5 years and I also sense that as of now, family, faith and her true friends mean the most to her.  She's also going to do a clothing line and watch for her to become the face of a major cosmetic/clothing brand in the next 2-3 years.  Her talk show is coming back. It's going to run for at least 2-3 seasons.


Numerology Profile: Keke Palmer.

Lauren Keyana Palmer aka Keke Palmer was meant to be a performer.  Why? Because this was her purpose! Her purpose number is the entertainers number of 3. What makes her different is the fact that she has the sun sign of Virgo. So she comes across as someone who though young, has seen and done it all. She is wise beyond her years.  With Keke begin a Virgo she does have her dark moments but;her earthy foundation usually grounds her and keeps the public from seeing her sweat. Virgo’s are known for keeping their private life, very private. Think of the ultimate virgo Beyonce'  As we all know, number 3 people are witty and charming to everyone they meet. Keke is the same way. That's why we root for her. Because we relate to her. With Keke you're not just fans, you're family. Number 3 people are also great writers/speakers. When it comes to thinking on their feet. You can count on a number 3 person to not only do it but become a master at it. Hence, why it was natural for her to host her own talk show. Number 3 people can turn anything into a thought provoking conversation. Number 3 people are very driven and ambitious. Especially when it's something or in some cases someone they want. So make no mistake, she fought hard to land the role in Cinderella. She did. As a matter, of fact she fights for every role. Keke is the last person who doesn't believe in working hard and giving it your all; that's how she learns.

When it comes to her birth/fate number. Keke shares her number with another diva Diana Ross. Keke has the number 2. People born with the number as their birth number tend to be intuitive, musical and tied heavily to family. One of the many reasons Keke is so grounded within herself is because of her birth number. People born with the number 2 believe that family trumps everything. They also know that family is not always blood.  Number 2 people tend to be intuitive as well for them it's all about  what they feel versus what they see. Keke is no exception. She receives her insights through gut instincts.  Number 2 people also have some musical talent. Keke is also a singer. Even though she would make a great songwriter. Number 2 people are emotional by nature. So a day at the beach or anywhere near water is perfect for them. When it comes to  Keke it's all about who she feels can belong in her world, if you vibe with her; she'll do the same with you.  From the looks of things her world is about to become a whole lot bigger.

Love, Leo Brown :) 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Star Readings: Kris Jenner.

A woman in love, a woman in transition, a woman who knows what she wants. The ultimate branding machine. Whether you love her or hate her. Kris Jenner isn't going anywhere. In fact, she's just getting started!

What do I pick up for Kris Jenner?

Emotional transition. Kris is reevaluating her life in every way. She's letting go of the past and starting fresh. Even though begin in the public eye doesn't always help. Her separation from Bruce Jenner hurt a lot more than we realize or know; and it's not done. They're both still in talks regarding how to split up their personal ties and trying to remain friends. Even though I do pick up a pre-nup in their marriage. So no worries there. In regards to her new guy. Will it last? Yes and no. It will last long enough for her to heal but there will not be a marriage for these two. She's been there and done that.
Contrary to popular belief, this guy isn't using her. In fact, he's allowing her to finally be who she really is. Her marriage to Bruce was suffocating at times.

Not saying that bruce was a bad guy; but as time passed  they grew apart. She worries about her kids constantly. Especially her son Rob, she only wants what's best for him and for him to be happy; but at the same time she wants him to gain control of his life and grow up. She knows he's got it in him. As of now, she's just waiting in the wings. For now, her focus is her daughters and herself. I pick up more cookbooks, a memoir and a line of skin care and bedding products. When it comes her as a mother, she's very hands on but not controlling. She allows her daughters to do as they please but within reason; Mama Kris always has the final say.

Does she like Kayne? It took her some getting used to him but yes, she does like him. She's learning that they really aren't that different and they've become good friends not bffs, but good friends. There's a great level of respect from both of them.


Numerology Profile: Kris Jenner.

Kristen “Kris” Mary  Houghton born November 5th 1955.  Is a passionate person in every sense of the word. She has a scorpio sun sign and two polarizing life path and birth numbers. With her begin the public eye, she's right where she belongs.  For starters, Kris has the life path number 3. Your life path number aka your name number tells you what you're born to do. The number 3 as we know is the entertainers number. She's in good company (Tamar Braxton, Jasmine Guy and most recently Bill Cosby.) We all know that with number 3 people to expect to be charmed and have great conversations. In Kris' case you'll not only get that but you'll also get someone who knows not only what to say but how to say it. That's why when it comes to her branding herself and her family; she's always one step ahead. Number 3 people make great communicators because the number 3 is associated with the planet Jupiter. This planet deals with luck, money and business. So for Kris' she was meant to be in the drivers seat of business.  Like everything and everyone there is a dark side to her. Kris' is someone you don't want to cross when it comes to either her kids or her brand. Especially, if it's not the truth. With her begin a scorpio, she'll only trust you until you hurt her; but once that trust has been broken or she feels that she's been mistreated, watch out! Number 3 people are also very ambitious and driven to outsiders they're often labeled control freaks. When it comes to her personality, this is where her birth number comes into the mix. Your birth number tells you about your personality from the inside out and the lessons you're going to learn.

Kris' birth number is the fiery number 9. This means that underneath her business savvy is a woman who is driven by her instincts. The number 9 is ruled by the planet of mars. So in Kris' case she's a diva with a capital D and at times demands respect. It also doesn't hurt that at times she's had to think like a man to get ahead. When it comes to things like love and family; they mean everything to her. She loves with her all; and believes that everyone should do the same. She takes relationships very seriously. Even though once she's passionate about something, she tends to go overboard.  She's very protective of her kids and those that she truly cares about. Just don't get on her nerves or take her for granted. No matter what you think of her or what happens, Kris Jenner is going to be just fine.

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Love, Leo Brown :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Star Readings: Diana Ross.

The diva of all divas has returned! November 23rd saw the re-emergence of legendary singer/actress Diana Ross. As she took the stage at the 42nd annual american music awards. Ms. Ross has always had staying power and even at the age of 70 (I refuse to believe she's not a day over 55!) she still leaves us breathless. Trust me, this just only the beginning;of her placing that crown back right back on her head. Get ready, because the queen is back!

What do I pick up for Ms. Ross?

There's no question that Diana Ross is back. However, I pick up her begin very strategic and planning everything out. So look for things to come to the public rightly timed but very slow. A new album is in the works but don't expect her to stray to far from her signature sound. It's going to sound very fresh but not too off the wall. Diana's at a point now that she feels that musically she's conflicted; on one hand she's done everything but on the other she hasn't taken enough risk. We'll see some of that in her new effort. Yes, she will be working with her buddy Neil Rogers. I also pick up her doing lots of writing. Writing another autobiography and songs. She's also in talks about getting behind the camera;directing,producing. Even acting again. This time, it may not be movies; it will be television. Not on black-ish though. She wants her children to shine on their own. I also pick up more touring but as the new year comes into play. Things will slow down on that front. Diana's at a point where a semi retirement sounds good to her.


Numerology Profile: Diana Ross.

Diana Ernestine Earle Ross born March 26, 1944. Has both the same life path number. (Your life path number tells you what you're destined to become) and birth number. (your birth number tells you about your personality) Ms. Ross has the life path number and the birth number 2. The number 2 is heavily tied to the moon and everything to do with beauty, femininity and intuition. That is why Ms. Ross can stop a crowd and still pack a house. Number 2 people also make great musicians and usually have some musical talent. Ms. Ross was going to sing even if would've been at a local church. Despite her begin known as a diva. Ms. Ross is anything but. She's very mothering to those that need and deserve it.(Number 2 people make great parents) Also contrary to her flashy stage persona she's very low maintenance when not on stage. She's also shy and at times doesn't see what the public sees in her. To her, she's just Diana. However, like everyone Ms. Ross has her dark side. Number 2 people are great people to work with until they feel like they're not begin heard. When that happens be prepared for them to lash out. Which explains Ms. Ross' at times diva-like behavior. When Ms. Ross feels that she's no begin taken seriously that's when her dark side comes out to play. With number 2 people when that feel they've been wronged they can become indecisive and temperamental. The keyword is feel. Number 2 people act from their heart. In Ms. Ross' case, if it doesn't feel right; it doesn't look, sound right because she puts her emotions in everything. She's very intuitive especially when it comes to her children or those close to her. She receives a lot her insight through dreams. Number 2 people also make great psychics and have to live near water. She's been thinking about her parents lately (namely her mother) and her friends Marvin Gaye/Michael Jackson. Her next musical working will be very personal. Because Ms. Ross is at the stage in her life; where the only voice that truly matters is the voice of the heart.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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That one time... I tried to turn nothing into something over and over and over.

It happen again. I misread the signs; no, I saw what I wanted to see and heard what I wanted to hear. Contrary to popular opinion, just because you have the sight doesn't mean that you're dating life or the person you're dating shines bright like a diamond. Hell, in most cases you can't see shit. I am no exception to this rule.

We've all done it. Met someone, felt a “deep connection” say you're going to take things slow but in your head you're already picking out china and making the seating arrangements for the wedding of all weddings that is going to take place in two years max.  In my dating/love life. I always attracted men who looked the part (or I convinced myself they were fine but that's for another post.) said the right things but once I got past all that. Turns out they weren't shit, didn't have shit and didn't want shit.

In other words emotionally or physically unavailable. Sure, they wanted to fuck but that was it; and before I go all innocent on you. I wanted the “D” too but I was just too “moral” and “upstanding” to say it.

You see, I'm what you'd call a caregiver/caretaker. I want to take care of people and feel worthless if I'm not doing it. Because of this; I and others like me tend to get taken advantage of. We give and give and get nothing in return but low self worth/esteem and a broken heart. In my case, you name it, I've done it.

Everything from buying birthday cakes, spending hours on planes, trains and crowded, smelly buses to meet the man in question. To helping that “special” guy pay his bills. Without asking or demanding anything from the person in return. Was this dumb? Hell yeah, it was/is! Was I trying to buy a man's attention and affection? Um, in the words of Trey Songz Yup!

This pattern has popped up in my life 5 times. No, make that 6 times since I started dating in my early 20's and by dating; I mean suckin' a mean pipe cause the bastard bought me a cheeseburger (don't judge me bitch) I'm slowly starting to realize that if this pattern is constantly popping up in my life, it's either trying to tell me something or likes to piss me off.

I'll go with the latter. It always goes like this: Boy meets boy, we talk/text for months/days/nights on end. We might even sext or have a phone bone session or five (before you get out your moral compasses; I politely ask you to check your phones.) meet in person, have very mediocre sex and once that deed is done.

The list of things that the person of my fancy wants, needs, desires to have makes it's way forward. Now, don't get me wrong I didn't just hand over my wallet. They'd ask. Isn't that nice? It would always start with “Could you... and end with  You don't have to do this” oh mothafucka, yes I do and you know it. Or else you wouldn’t ask me.

Why did I/do I do this? Simple. I'm a needy bitch. That's right, I need attention and affection.  A crazy bitch like me will process the texts/calls/skypes into “this person really cares about me.” When in reality that care for me but either in one of two ways. 1. As a friend or good judy. 2. A piece of bomb ass; and yes bitch, it is bomb!) most of the times it's number 2. Now, I know I'm sexy and all but damn man, really?! Can't you respect me, not to mention yourself at least a little bit? Oh you can't, I see.

Even though I would love to put all the blame and blast on them. Sadly. I can't. I'm realizing that I'm responsible for my part of the fuckery too. I should've said no. I should've been a man about it and once I peeped out the game. I should've cut that shit out right from the top. However, my emotionally needy ass allows it to not only start but kept it going. What the fuck was I/been drinking/smoking/sniffing I don't know.

See, my thinking was/is in the words of Bernadine from waiting to exhale :“If I gave him what he needed, he'd give me what I needed.”  Oh, I gave them what they needed alright. All of my time, attention, affection and most of all money; and you know a diva like me doesn't play bout' his dollars.

Well, today what starts for me is. I will no longer allow myself to be treated this way again. Cause quite frankly, a bitch is tried.  Tried of falling for the bullshit, pretty faces, big dicks and words that even they cannot pronounce.  Instead of falling for it. I'm choosing to listen. If you tell me after I've taken a 13 hour ride to see you; but you have no intentions of doing the same for me. You're either going in two places 1. The trash bin or 2.The delete list.

That's not to say that I'm done with dating. Nope. I'm going to start the process of getting better instead of turning bitter. Is this going to be easy? No! We're all works in progress and process. (Inside and out) However, starting today, I'm turning the camera back onto the person that it should've been on in the first place.  Me.

Love, Leo Brown :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tarot Card Tuesday:Eight of Cups.

Today Leo spills the tea on the eight of cups. The eight of cups teaches us all about emotional strength. Sometimes you must follow your heart in or to embrace yourself and to walk away from things that are unhealthy. Thanks for watching!!

Love, Leo Brown :)


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Stuff Leo Likes: Misty Eyez!

Stuff Leo Likes: Misty Eyez! Today stuff leo likes is all about Drag entertainer Misty Eyez. I love, love, love this girl from another world! If you're looking for how to beat your face, get that hair done or you need some great advice. She's the girl to see. Thanks for watching!!

Love, Leo Brown :)

Friday, November 28, 2014

The importance of gratitude:motivational monday.

The importance of gratitude. Due to the often turbulent times that we live in. We sometimes forget to remain grateful for the things and people who make our lives great. That's what today's message is all about.

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