Star Readings: Joseph Williams.

Author/Social Media Personality/Mentor/Speaker/Social Worker.

Understanding the misunderstood. With this star reading that's what we're going to do. I believe like most. Social media is like a mirror, it only offers a reflection of what we see. I believe that when it comes to social media personality Joseph Williams we're only seeing the surface, as they are many sections and sides to him. Let's look at a few of them.

Joseph on Joseph
Deep, Insightful and Emotional. When I tell you that Joseph thinks about everything. I mean he thinks about everything. Not just when it comes to the public but himself. If he were a psychic he'd be an empath. Because he feels everything on a deep sometimes, cellular level. (Which he is, he dreams or speaks everything into begin.) I also pick up a deep connection to the ancestors or people that have passed away. Joseph, if you're not careful, you could easily be a preacher or have some sort of church as I see that as you grow…

The Braxtons: Lessons In Co-dependence.

Before I start this piece. Let me say, that I love and live for all that is Toni Braxton. I have been riding with her since her 1991-92 debut. You know, the one where she had her original nose. Yeah, that one.

She was the 90's answer to Anita Baker. (Google her, if you don't know who she is.) Her sensuality, her sultriness and of course that deep, low Phyllis Hyman conaltro voice.  However, this piece is not about her voice.

This post is about her family. Well, not her family per-se.' Because this isn't a personal piece. This is about something that I've noticed since the start of their show Braxton Family Values back in 2011. Now, when the show first came on the scene. I was all here for it. I thought. "Oh boy, we get to see what Toni Braxton is like when she's not singing."

It was also nice to get to know more about Tamar (Who I had been a fan of since her first album which came out in 2000), Traci, Trina, Towanda and Ms.E.

However, now that the sh…

Dear Straight Women, We Want You, We Don't Need You.

Gay men and straight women. The relationship that we have can be at times an odd dance. One minute, we're the best of friends. Always there for each other. With ice cream and wine in hand.

Ready to watch Waiting to Exhale, Begin Mary Jane or Will and Grace at a moment's notice. To her, we're the gay bff she's always wanted and needed. To us, she's the mother/sister friend that we can go to the club with and talk about boys with. For a moment. It's a perfect fit. Then suddenly something starts to shift.

I don't know what exactly happens but the person that we thought of as a friend. Either they start to change or we change. Either way, things are never the same.  It's hurtful, it's anger inducing and it's sad for everyone involved.

At the start of the friendship. It was cool to gossip and "spill the tea" with each other while watching housewives or just chilling with one another. Then as things progress, our faithful girlfriend decides…

You're not "WOKE" You're WEAK: Yes,"conscious/woke" community I'm talking to you!

Stay Woke. That saying has been said and invoked more times than I care to count. Hell, I've said it myself. Let's be honest, the intention is good, great even. Wake up to what's going on around you and within your communities and if you can. Try to do something about it. Find out about your history and culture.

All good things right? Of course they are. We should all find out about who we are and where we come from regardless of racial background. Along with trying to change the world we live in.

Because let's be real for a minute, this world if we allow it to. Can and will chew you up and spit you out. Which is why we should stay woke.  However, I really need some people who proclaim that they're woke to shut what they call the fuck up. Why? Because many of these "woke" people are nothing but weak sheep masquerading as wolves.

Which is quite frankly, sad and disgusting. Just because you've watched Roots (Roots was and is a work of historical fictio…

Dear "Psychic Medium" Reality Show Producers, Stop it. Just...Stop it!

Reality TV. Let's face whether we love it or hate it. It's here to stay. Hell, I can't say anything. I watch quite a few of them. Such as Braxton Family Values, Rupaul's Drag Race and Iylana Fix My Life.

They are entertaining.. to a point. Recently, I've cut back on them. Simply because they were, what's the words.. I'm trying to find. Oh, draining and full of shit. Which brings me to our main subject. The ever popular psychic medium shows.

There's a slew of them. We have Monica The Medium, The Long Island Medium, The Angel Lady, Kim Russo and of course last but never least,  Everyone's favorite blonde boyfriend, The Hollywood Medium. Now, before I go on. Let me say that, this is not I repeat not about them. As I know none of these hoes personally.

Even though that are all invited to come to my home for hot tea, biscuits and truth. It's not them I am tired of. What I am tired of is the way they are begin or they're abilities are begin used.…

Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams: Two Sides Of The Same Coin.

Reality TV is a strange, addictive animal. Much like the talk-shows of the 90's and the early 2000's. I know that I was not the only one who ran home to watch Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones and Jerry Springer.

Let's face it, for those of us who watch reality television. It's a means of entertainment but it's also a means of escape. Many of us, myself included will watch a show and after the show is over. Whether subconsciously or not will go. "Thank gods that's not me." Or some of us will use the time to look at the situations that are played out on television. To look at ourselves.

Hence, why I am writing this post. Tonight, like most. I watched the RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta) reunion. In tonight's final installment. The truth came out regarding cast member Phaedra Parks.

By now, we all know that she lied. Beyond all that, let's think for a minute. In life, how many of us have been a Phaedra? Hands? Hands? Now, I'm not taking up for her. …

Star Readings: James Van Praagh.

Author. Teacher. Medium. When we think of James Van Praagh those are the words that pop into our minds. However, I think that there's more to James than that. Today, we're going to find some of that out.
James and Marriage.
Love, Laughter and more love. James has been married since 1995. However, dating and the like has not been easy. Given his abilities and the fact that he's a bit of a diva. (He is a Virgo after all.) Also, he believes in consistency and with the right person, he would give them whatever they asked for. He has a huge heart. Even though I do get that it's a bit more guarded now. However, with his marriage. I pick up that he has a man that understands him. Not only understands him but allows him to be himself. While giving him his much needed space. He needs space not only to think but to create and teach. I pick up great things in this marriage because there is a sense of unity within it. Good job James, good job.
James' Career
Teaching, Teaching and…