Star Readings: Joe Rogan.

The truth is out there, only if we choose to see it. Oh, and fuck you. If there were a motto for comic Joe Rogan's life. I'd like to think this would be it. Joe has been kicking ass and taking names since his days on the hit sitcom Newsradio. However, now he has found his own niche and made a lane for himself that, wether we like it or not. You cannot take it away from him. Today's star reading we'll get to know the man behind the mic.

Joe on Joe
Give him a good cut of meat, something interesting to talk about and he's happy. Joe is a seeker. Meaning he'll look at something and he'll analyze the hell out of it just cause. His attitude is if you don't question things what is the point of living. He also is very simple. Don't get me wrong he loves what he does but there are times where he wants to just pack his shit and move to the wilderness. The hollywood life while it does have it's perks, does not impress him. Keep it real, keep it simple …

Star Readings: Armon Wiggins.

Star Readings: Armon Wiggins.

Recording Live! Things are looking up and show no signs of slowing down for talk show host and celebrity commentator Armon Wiggins blessed with the gift of gab. Armon's mission is to make you laugh, cry and think all at the same time. One thing is for sure, Mr. Wiggins is an exceptional talent.

Armon's Career.
I see his radio show growing, getting better than what is it now. He is extremely ambitious and driven. However, I will caution him to watch his tongue when it comes to business as he has a tendency to allow pride to get in the way of him making the deals that he wants. I also see him tackling deeper, harsher subjects. Things like domestic abuse, abandonment and spirituality are going to start coming to the front of his shows. I also see him becoming more known within the activism community, He wants to have fun but he also wants to create change. Along with the fun, gossip shows that he is known for. Armon, you really should get into …

Star Readings: James Colwell.

Father/Survivor/Truth Teller/Queen.

Work Cookie! We know novelist and social media personality James Colwell for his many catchphrases, harsh truths and commentary on current events. To many, he is an open book. However, I feel that there is more than meets the eye beyond his quick wit and tough love. It is my intention through this reading that we see the many aspects and sides of him.

James on James
When I pick on James' energy. I pick on a man that would say. “Oh, honey, I'm just me.” and while at the same time there's a toughness that has fought battles that we know nothing about. I also pick up a great deal of gratitude. James is so grateful for all that he has been through. The last 3-4 years were not easy for him. Especially mentally and emotionally. He's still dealing with some of the aftershocks of that time but now with a clearer head and a more open yet guarded heart. His family, friends and children mean everything to him. If you become friends with h…

Star Readings: Vivica A. Fox.

Ms. Fox To You. Things have always been hot for Actress/Business Mogul Vivica Fox. From her days on the hit daytime soap opera Generations. To her breakout role as Francesca “Frankie” Sutton in the hit movie Set It Off. She has kept going and remained a force to be reckoned with.
Both in front and behind the camera. Trust me when I tell you, she ain't going nowhere and if she does, it will be out with a bang!

Viv on Viv
Despite what some may think. Ms. Fox is still that girl “from around the way.” To those that don't know her. She comes across as guarded, even a little diva like. That's true to a point. She just expects and wants the best in anything that she attaches her name or face to. That's all. Coupled with the fact that the business that she is in is not for the weak nor the faint of heart. Underneath the makeup, hair and lashes is a woman who simply wants to do her work while having fun and making her mark all at the same time. When she's not on camera. S…

Surviving Myself: Brandon, Kingsley, Leo and Me.

Mr, Brown?  Mr.Brown are you ready? It was time to for a radio interview. This day had been planned for weeks.

 I had studied the questions, got to know the stations programs. I was ready. At least I thought I was. I looked at myself in the mirror for one last touch up. Make-up done? Check. Hair done? Check. Out fit loose but flattering in all the right places? Check.

It was while looking in that mirror that everything, hit me. Though I looked good, my career despite it's highs and lows was faring well.  I had friends and a very supportive family around me. I even had a man who loved every inch of my crazy. I couldn't be happier.  What was this feeling that I just couldn't shake? 
"Could you give me three minutes? I feel like I'm forgetting something." I said to the sweet but slightly annoying assistant.   "Sure." She said.  As she quietly stepped away.  As I sat in the chair trying to figure out what this feeling was. All of sudden, I heard a voic…

Star Readings: Ian Haddock.

Writer/Social Media Expert/Author/Activist/Street Preacher/Leader.

The makings of a man. There's more than meets the eye to author Ian Haddock. Beneath that baby face is a man of mystery and someone who has many different sides of him that the world has yet to see, experience or realize. However, today you'll get to see some of the sides that even he himself doesn't know that he hides.

Ian on Ian
If I could use one word to describe Ian. It would be complex. A complex survivor. When I look at Ian I pick up a man who is constantly either transforming himself or struggling with himself. In Ian's life there is no middle. It's either go hard, go home or don't go at all. What you hear, see and feel from Ian is what you get. Though I do pick up that he's a lot more in tune with the paranormal than he gives himself credit and he feels things into existence. He gut is never wrong about a person, place or thing. Though, he can be at times a bit of a hothead. Ian…

Star Readings: Erik Dillard.

Singer/ Actor/ Writer/Entertainer/Truth Seeker/Survivor.

He sings because he is happy, he sings because he is free. If you were to describe performer Erik Dillard the lines from the classic spiritual “His eye is on the sparrow” would fit him perfectly. Erik, that's Ms. Melody if you're nasty honey, shows no signs of no longer showing up, giving up or showing the fuck out! Erik has paid and continues to pay his dues, guaranteeing himself a seat at the table. Trust me when I tell you, he will not lose.

Erik's Mission
If I had to put what drives Mr. Dillard into a word it would be Empowerment and Freedom. Freedom of the mind, body and especially the spirit. Not just when it comes to expression but the ability to be who you are and show every color that is in your crayon box. For too long he knows what it's like to not be yourself. In fact, it's something that he still has his issues with but he also knows that once you embrace all that you are, there is no stopping…