Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Star Readings: April Simpson.

St. Louis' Angel. Fox 2/ KPRL news anchor April Simpson is a woman on a mission of love, hope, information and inspiration. When she's not spilling the tea to millions of St. Louisians; everyday on the news. She herself is a walking testament that with the powers of love, family and faith. That anything is indeed possible.

What do I pick up for April Simpson? 

This year is a year of both inner and outer transformation for Ms. Simpson. She's now focusing on herself more and letting go of people and things that no longer serve her. I also see that she's making way for love and family to come into her life. I pick up a lot of writing and making 2 films as well.  There's a series of books in her that needs to get out and in the later part of the year she may start doing speaking engagements. She needs to stop worrying so much about those around her but she can't help it as people look to her strength. Healing, angels, prayer and mediation are big parts of her life. She sees her family as her angels in many ways. Especially her mother. She's very psychic herself but she needs to write down her dreams more often and concentrate on getting more restful sleep. There may be a possible relocation in the works as well but not for another 3 to 5 years.  Her health is very important to her not just physical but emotional health. Eat more dark greens and take the time out to laugh as much as possible. There are times that she doubts herself but, I am here to tell you that you're journey is not in vain. You are a powerful, special begin and you may dear angel have earned your wings. So keep flying as high as you can.


Numerology Profile: April Simpson.

April Simpson's purpose was to inform. Ms. Simpson's goal whether she is on or off the air is to tell the truth in an informing and positive way. Her purpose number is the number of health, wealth and rebirth the number 8. She feels that if the truth isn't told and the facts aren't there. Then her job is not done. People who have the number 8 as their purpose number believe that the truth shall indeed set you free. April is definitely one of those people. Number 8 people make the best lawyers, business people and judges. People who have the number 8  as their purpose number also tend to be workaholics and believe that hard work doesn't hurt anyone. The number 8 is associated with the planet Saturn. The planet saturn deals with health, transition and money. With Ms. Simpson everything has to balance out. That's because the planet saturn also works with the element of Earth; So in April's case things not only have to be truthful but stable in her life. Number 8 often have to deal with issues when it pertains to their health. As the this number deals with death; no, not death in the physical sense but death in both the external and internal sense. Out with the old and in with the new. April's case she has done that even though it has been very painful at times. She has a gained a better sense of who she is as a woman.

Now when it comes to her birth number. The number that fits her is the intuitive number 2.  Many psychics, empaths and people who are musically inclined often have this number as their birth number. When it comes to April; her having this number tells me that she goes with and listens to her gut. Maybe not as often as she should but when she does it pays off. Number 2 people are also inclined to live by water. So it's no secret that Ms. Simpson has lived in Louisiana, Arkansas and now St. Louis as they are all surrounded by bodies of water. The element of water grounds number 2 people and keeps them in touch with their inner selves. We all know on camera persona of April Simpson but off camera she's very soft spoken and actually kind of shy. She reports the news and drama; she doesn't want it or need it in her own life. The number 2 is associated with the moon and as we know, the moon is ever-changing. April is like this in a lot of ways. She can go from glamour queen to jeans and t-shirt in a matter of minutes. Number 2 people are also known for begin moody or indecisive when it comes to making important decisions. They also tend to fear making mistakes and going into the unknown.  Don't worry about going to into unknown April. Because no matter where life takes you, you're going to be just fine.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Star Readings: Taraji P. Henson.

Bold Soul Sista!  Actress Taraji P. Henson is everyone's sister-friend. Real and royal. Ms. Henson knows who she is and takes pride in what she does. With her bright and bubbling personality she makes sure you not only know her but you remember her. Trust me, Taraji we do.

What do I pick up for Taraji P. Henson?

Writing lots of writing. Plays, movie scripts. She'll be producing a few projects as well. She's got two in the works now. She loves her son with all of her heart. She sometimes worries about not spending enough time with him. She needs to sleep more and worry less. She lives in her head a lot. The role of cookie is personal to her as she knows women like her and she's paying  tribute to those women. She wants to work with kids and do more charity work. She loves children and they love her. Over the past two years she's become more spiritually and emotionally aware. Meditation would be good for her. There's are two people who have passed away that she thinks about constantly. There may be a baby boy 2 but right now it's in talks but nothing is solid. She also needs to focus more on cardio and less on weight training and yoga when it comes to her weight. She sometimes worries about getting too muscular. When it comes to her love life it's work first, love later. Not that she doesn't want it she does, but he has to have himself together. She's tired of doing all the work in her relationships. She's looking but not looking. She's going to meet someone in the summer (June) and it'll grow from friendship.


Numerology Profile: Taraji P. Henson.

Taraji Penda Henson: Born September 11th 1970.  A triple threat who kicks ass and takes names! From her breakout performance in Baby Boy to her riveting portrayal of Cookie on the hit fox series Empire. Ms. Henson is here to stay and ready to play. Let's take a deeper look at Ms. Henson and see what the numbers have to say! Let's first take a look at Taraji's purpose number. As we know your purpose number tells you what you were meant to do. In Taraji's case; her purpose number is 3.

The number 3 is associated with many people in the entertainment industry. Taraji is in good company as she shares the same purpose number as Tamar Braxton, Bill Cosby and Diana Ross. People who have the number 3 as their purpose number make the best entertainers. The reason for this is because people who have the  number 3 as their have a need for self-expression. That's why whenever we watch Taraji on the screen we can tell that the role that she is playing isn't just acting for her. For her, this is an outlet for her emotions.

Number 3 people are also known for always speaking their mind and Ms. Henson is known for not biting her tongue. We all know about the heated exchange between her and hip-hop artist 50 cent. She spared him no expense and after she expressed herself. She moved on. Number 3 people are blessed with talent and are very versatile. Many would be shocked to know that Taraji is also a singer. Now on the flip, Ms. Henson does have her bad side. Number 3 people can at times be careless when it comes to not having a verbal filter. However, even when they do tend to stick their foot in their mouths, people who carry the number 3 as their purpose number usually don't mean any harm;it's just that they want to get their point across clearly. It's also because many number 3's tend to be perfectionist and will not stop until everything is done right.  When it comes to her birth number. Which is the number 1. Taraji gives us something that some celebrities miss: Relatability. To many she's like the girl that's apart of our family or the woman we'd be best friends with. Number 1's tend to have a very bright and energetic personality.

They're also everyone's big sister or brother. Number 1's tend to be a bit bossy but they mean well. Taraji is the kind of person that if you wrong her or someone close to her. She'll not only let you know but she'll never forget it either. Number 1's love their family and friends with an intense passion and believes in begin a loyal friend. When it comes to her craft Taraji takes it very seriously. She feels that if there is no passion in her work it's not worth doing. She also looks at her acting like a business. Not in the sense of facts in figures but in the sense that she's here to do a job and she's going to do a damn good job. Make no mistake that Ms. Taraji P. Henson has officially arrived bigger, stronger and badder than ever!

Love, Leo Brown :)

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Star Readings: Romany Malco.

The every man's actor. For those of us that fondly remember anything that was the 90's. Then you know that actor Romany Malco has always been out of the box and unconventional. From his days in the hip-hop group college boyz to his breakout roles in the 40 year-old virgin and the think like a man movies. Romany Malco's star will always shine.

What lies ahead for Romany Malco?

I pick up that there will be lots more traveling for Romany within the next six months. I also see him doing a lot of writing and maybe some directing. An independent film. Community outreach work will be coming along in the next three months. He especially wants to give back more to his home town and to the lives of young black men or men of color in general. Meditation, green smoothies and hot yoga are important parts of his life. He should lay off the herbs though. Drink more fresh juice and water as well. He wants more children but he's a perfectionist. As he has 2 kids already.  He wants the timing to be right. I pick up three more films in the works along with some television work and an online series. I also pick up him becoming more aware of his ancestry and becoming more spiritually aware as well. His psychic senses are opening up a lot and there's a big connection to him and his grandmother. His production company is about to  hit a milestone. I pick up a lot of movies and television begin brought to us by his company. In the next three years. Things are in talks now. I see a lot of contacts around him. He wants to make sure that he makes the right decisions. Don't worry Romany, you will.

What does the numbers tell us about the every man's actor? 

Numerology Profile: Romany Malco.

Romany Romanic Malco Jr. pronounced (Ra-money)  Born November 18th 1968. Believes that things don't happen to you;you make them happen. The reason that Romany holds this belief is for many reasons but for now let's look at one of them. Mainly his birth number. Romany's birth number is the ever-changing number 8. Number 8 people are those that believe that everything works out and happens for a reason. They're big believers of Karma and Justice for all things and people. Number 8 people are also very politically aware and Mr. Malco is leading the pack. Romany is a very straight forward tell it as he sees it kind of man. When you're in his company be prepared to think and to walk away learning something new.  Number 8 people are known for begin very militant in their thinking and make sure their opinions get across.  Romany is a very laid back and easy going man but as with everyone there is a dark side. To some. Romany can at times be a total control freak and he is; especially when it comes to himself. He is his biggest competition and critic only because he sees the big picture before everyone else does. Number 8 people also have issues with authority. Romany does but only when there is a great injustice behind it. Romany's birth number is associated with the planet Saturn which is a planet of life, death and rebirth. Romany Malco is a man who is forever changing both inside and out.

Writing, acting and singing are apart of Romany's destiny it's what he was meant to do. Romany has the purpose number of 2. He shares the same purpose number as Diana Ross, Ray Nagin and comic Deon Cole. People with the purpose number of 2 are for begin very psychic and love anything to do with the ocean. In Romany's case; he's the type of person where he can look at you and tell if you're full of it or not. He's very real and very intuitive. Number 2 people are also musically inclined. So it's no mistake that Romany can sing and dance. If you remember Too Legit:The Mc Hammer Story then you know I'm not lying. Either you look at it Romany Malco isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Love, Leo Brown :)
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Star Readings: Lil' Kim.

What do I pick up for Lil' Kim?

There are 2 more mix tapes in the works. She's making a slow return to the industry, It's going to be very unexpected when she makes her full return. Be prepared for a bang when she comes back! As a mother she's very nurturing and a bit overprotective of Royal. Not in a smothering way but because she wants to maintain a sense of normalcy for her child. She's also realizing the importance of family. I  see her around her mother a lot more and wanting more of a community around her. Kim firmly believes in that saying it takes a village. She's getting her money not together but right. There is a lot legal work begin done behind the scenes in regards to recording contracts and taxes. Her full new album will be out by this year's end or mid 2016.  She is dating someone but they are not a performer like her, they work behind the scenes directing, producing, writing. She's also going to keep this man a secret she's learned her lesson over the years. I pick up her making amends with her past a lot this year and letting go of deep seated pain. Will she  Foxy and Nicki bury the hatchet? Nope. However, her attitude is now you go your way and I'll go mine. In other words , keep it moving. Kimberly Denise Jones is maturing. Also look out for a line of shoes, purses and makeup to come into our homes in 2016/2017.


Numerology Profile: Lil' Kim.

She likes it raw!  Kimberly Denise Jones a.k.a Lil' Kim is a woman who is driven by her emotions. Begin a cancer (July 11th) and having a purpose number of 7 has a lot to do with it.  The number 7 is a number of completion in many religious circles and is associated with watery planet Neptune. People who have the purpose number of 7 are born with an innate sense of higher consciousness. When Kim steps to the mic; she's not just talking about her life, she's speaking to the people and delivering their message. That's why to many she's  considered the queen of rap. People born with the number 7 as their purpose number make the best artists, sculptors and real estate agents.  People often wonder why whenever we see Kim she looks different. The answer to that is simple; Since she possesses the number 7 as her purpose number.

She feels that it is her duty to always keep em' guessin'. If it takes some new hair, a new style dress or a complete makeover so be it. As she's been quoted as saying. “This is who I am.”  One of the reasons the public has been rooting and at times jeering for Lil' Kim since her 1996 debut Hardcore is because her rhymes haven't been just rhymes. Her lyrics take you through an emotional roller coaster. One minute you want to fuck; the next you want to cry; the next you want to want to party.  Like her Cancer sun sign her lyrics bring out your hidden emotions and are reflective with tight beats and music serving as a backdrop.  Contrary to her raunchy style, Kim is very spiritual and very intuitive. She can be so right on about a person, place or thing that it at times scares her. (Cancers are known as the psychics of the zodiac).  Like everything and everyone Kim does have her dark moments. Number 7 people are prone to begin very moody and at times look at life from a pessimistic point of view. Especially when things don't go their way. Kim can be moody but deep down she won't hurt a fly unless provoked.

When it comes to her birth number. Which is the number 3; or as I call it the entertainers number. Kim has to express herself. For her, music will always be in her life as it is apart of her. She's a stickler for details and when things aren't communicated in the right way be prepared for the claws to come out!  In regards to Kim's relationships/love life she goes with her guts. Their has to a deep connection made with her or you won't get anywhere; while at the same time you have to give her freedom and space. The number 3 is associated with the planet Jupiter. Which rules money, luck and communication. To the public it may look like Kim is at times childish and superficial. However, she now tries to be very careful with not only her money, but with who she allows in her circle. With Kim it's loyalty over quantity. Either way you slice it Kimberly Jones is a woman on a mission and it is to live life her way, her rules.

Love, Leo Brown :)

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Star Readings: Deon Cole.

Comedy's breakout star! Deon Cole is just getting started! In addition to his supporting role on the hit ABC show black-ish. Deon is also an accomplished writer and comic. For many of us, we're just getting to know the hot guy from the chi. However, for his true fans Deon has always taken no prisoners and shows no signs of slowing down.

What do I pick up for Deon Cole?

Writing and more writing. Look for Deon to write 5 episodes of Black-ish. His character is going to have a bigger role next season as well. As for his health, look for him to become more muscular and he's really watching what he drinks. He's had issues with his kidneys or bladder in the past. He's worried about family, especially his mother, sister and aunts. Go visit them more sir and he may have one of them live with him. As for personal life there is someone in his life that he's been off and on with. She's very ride or die but life has taken them in different paths. Look for him to make it official that he's off the market in the next 2 years.

What do the numbers tells us about comedy's breakout star?

Numerology Profile: Deon Cole.

Deon Cole is a triple threat! No, not that type of triple threat even though I wouldn't put it past him having a knack for singing or great dancing ability. When I say triple threat I mean in terms of his purpose number, birth number and sun sign. Let's take a look at his purpose number first. Your purpose number is the number that tells you all about yourself. In Deon's case, his purpose number is the number 1. Number 1 people stand out without even trying! I guess you could say that it's Deon's purpose to be in front of the camera and on stage making us laugh. People with the number 1 as there purpose number also make great actors, business executives (Deon has his own production company) and writers. It's no mistake that Deon is in the entertainment industry. He didn't choose it, it chose him. Number 1 people also stand out because of their bright personalities. The number 1 is ruled by the life giving planet known as the sun. So that may have a little something to do with it. That's the reason many of us look at Deon as “our big brother” or “that friend in our head.” Number 1 people are born with a lot of luck on their side. However, the lucky breaks that number 1 people get come easy. It just looks easy.

Deon's birth number and sun sign are polar opposites. Deon's birth number is the emotional, intuitive number 2. While his sun sign is the earthy, ever fertile sign of Capricorn. He shares the same birth number as Diana Ross and former louisana governor Ray Nagin. Now this may sound like a odd combination but actually, it works in his favor. With Deon having the number 2 as his birth number; it helps him to stay aware and emotionally awake. Underneath his “funny” lies a man who feels everything. It also tells us that Deon is very observant and goes with his gut. Number 2 people are known for begin very psychic. Deon is too but he's more clairvoyant and an empath. Which makes his brand of comedy so fresh. Number 2 people can be very attached to family and where they come from. With Deon, chicago is not only his home but apart of his heart. As the saying goes: You can take the boy of the chi but you can't take the chi out of the boy. Of course, like all of us, Deon has his demons.

With his birth number begin the number 2. Deon is prone to depression, drinking, moodiness and weight gain. Number 2 people tend to wear their emotions like an old coat. As they tend to look back and reflect on their life a great deal. Deon does this at times, but he has learned to take his pain and use it as a tool to heal himself instead of hurt himself. Lucky for him, his sun sign of capricorn keeps him grounded while pushing him to grow. Especially, when it comes to career, family and money. Deon is at a place in life where if it's not stable, it's not begin done. The path that Deon is on has been anything but easy. He knows it and soon we will too. Deon Cole is just getting started and will be around both in front the camera or behind the scenes for many years to come.

Love, Leo Brown :)
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Star Readings: Keke Palmer.

Boundary breaker! Ms. Keke Palmer is sight to behold and she's just getting started. Gone are the days of her begin that little girl from Akeelah and the bee. She can't stop nor will she stop. Get ready, cause here she comes.

Actress and Singer Keke Palmer is breaking boundaries as the first black woman to play the title role in the Broadway version of the classic movie Cinderella. It seems as if Ms. Palmer has just popped up on the scene but Ms.Keke has been doing this for a long minute and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

What do I pick up for Ms.Keke?

She's going to do three more plays. Her next year is going to be a year of not just work but balance. She needs some downtime.  I also pick up her wanting to do other things such as writing and directing. This will not be for another 3-5 years and I also sense that as of now, family, faith and her true friends mean the most to her.  She's also going to do a clothing line and watch for her to become the face of a major cosmetic/clothing brand in the next 2-3 years.  Her talk show is coming back. It's going to run for at least 2-3 seasons.


Numerology Profile: Keke Palmer.

Lauren Keyana Palmer aka Keke Palmer was meant to be a performer.  Why? Because this was her purpose! Her purpose number is the entertainers number of 3. What makes her different is the fact that she has the sun sign of Virgo. So she comes across as someone who though young, has seen and done it all. She is wise beyond her years.  With Keke begin a Virgo she does have her dark moments but;her earthy foundation usually grounds her and keeps the public from seeing her sweat. Virgo’s are known for keeping their private life, very private. Think of the ultimate virgo Beyonce'  As we all know, number 3 people are witty and charming to everyone they meet. Keke is the same way. That's why we root for her. Because we relate to her. With Keke you're not just fans, you're family. Number 3 people are also great writers/speakers. When it comes to thinking on their feet. You can count on a number 3 person to not only do it but become a master at it. Hence, why it was natural for her to host her own talk show. Number 3 people can turn anything into a thought provoking conversation. Number 3 people are very driven and ambitious. Especially when it's something or in some cases someone they want. So make no mistake, she fought hard to land the role in Cinderella. She did. As a matter, of fact she fights for every role. Keke is the last person who doesn't believe in working hard and giving it your all; that's how she learns.

When it comes to her birth/fate number. Keke shares her number with another diva Diana Ross. Keke has the number 2. People born with the number as their birth number tend to be intuitive, musical and tied heavily to family. One of the many reasons Keke is so grounded within herself is because of her birth number. People born with the number 2 believe that family trumps everything. They also know that family is not always blood.  Number 2 people tend to be intuitive as well for them it's all about  what they feel versus what they see. Keke is no exception. She receives her insights through gut instincts.  Number 2 people also have some musical talent. Keke is also a singer. Even though she would make a great songwriter. Number 2 people are emotional by nature. So a day at the beach or anywhere near water is perfect for them. When it comes to  Keke it's all about who she feels can belong in her world, if you vibe with her; she'll do the same with you.  From the looks of things her world is about to become a whole lot bigger.

Love, Leo Brown :) 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Star Readings: Kris Jenner.

A woman in love, a woman in transition, a woman who knows what she wants. The ultimate branding machine. Whether you love her or hate her. Kris Jenner isn't going anywhere. In fact, she's just getting started!

What do I pick up for Kris Jenner?

Emotional transition. Kris is reevaluating her life in every way. She's letting go of the past and starting fresh. Even though begin in the public eye doesn't always help. Her separation from Bruce Jenner hurt a lot more than we realize or know; and it's not done. They're both still in talks regarding how to split up their personal ties and trying to remain friends. Even though I do pick up a pre-nup in their marriage. So no worries there. In regards to her new guy. Will it last? Yes and no. It will last long enough for her to heal but there will not be a marriage for these two. She's been there and done that.
Contrary to popular belief, this guy isn't using her. In fact, he's allowing her to finally be who she really is. Her marriage to Bruce was suffocating at times.

Not saying that bruce was a bad guy; but as time passed  they grew apart. She worries about her kids constantly. Especially her son Rob, she only wants what's best for him and for him to be happy; but at the same time she wants him to gain control of his life and grow up. She knows he's got it in him. As of now, she's just waiting in the wings. For now, her focus is her daughters and herself. I pick up more cookbooks, a memoir and a line of skin care and bedding products. When it comes her as a mother, she's very hands on but not controlling. She allows her daughters to do as they please but within reason; Mama Kris always has the final say.

Does she like Kayne? It took her some getting used to him but yes, she does like him. She's learning that they really aren't that different and they've become good friends not bffs, but good friends. There's a great level of respect from both of them.


Numerology Profile: Kris Jenner.

Kristen “Kris” Mary  Houghton born November 5th 1955.  Is a passionate person in every sense of the word. She has a scorpio sun sign and two polarizing life path and birth numbers. With her begin the public eye, she's right where she belongs.  For starters, Kris has the life path number 3. Your life path number aka your name number tells you what you're born to do. The number 3 as we know is the entertainers number. She's in good company (Tamar Braxton, Jasmine Guy and most recently Bill Cosby.) We all know that with number 3 people to expect to be charmed and have great conversations. In Kris' case you'll not only get that but you'll also get someone who knows not only what to say but how to say it. That's why when it comes to her branding herself and her family; she's always one step ahead. Number 3 people make great communicators because the number 3 is associated with the planet Jupiter. This planet deals with luck, money and business. So for Kris' she was meant to be in the drivers seat of business.  Like everything and everyone there is a dark side to her. Kris' is someone you don't want to cross when it comes to either her kids or her brand. Especially, if it's not the truth. With her begin a scorpio, she'll only trust you until you hurt her; but once that trust has been broken or she feels that she's been mistreated, watch out! Number 3 people are also very ambitious and driven to outsiders they're often labeled control freaks. When it comes to her personality, this is where her birth number comes into the mix. Your birth number tells you about your personality from the inside out and the lessons you're going to learn.

Kris' birth number is the fiery number 9. This means that underneath her business savvy is a woman who is driven by her instincts. The number 9 is ruled by the planet of mars. So in Kris' case she's a diva with a capital D and at times demands respect. It also doesn't hurt that at times she's had to think like a man to get ahead. When it comes to things like love and family; they mean everything to her. She loves with her all; and believes that everyone should do the same. She takes relationships very seriously. Even though once she's passionate about something, she tends to go overboard.  She's very protective of her kids and those that she truly cares about. Just don't get on her nerves or take her for granted. No matter what you think of her or what happens, Kris Jenner is going to be just fine.

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Love, Leo Brown :)